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Positive Reviews of Cologne Noir by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Sometimes when I sample fragrances - and I am sure it happens with everyone, you get that " Oooo " factor ,feeling. This is one of those.
After Gardenia Petale from this collection, Cologne Noire is 100 % different and enjoyably so .
The overall feeling with this scent is light spice and pepper . Very refreshing bracing top notes ,quite savory with a hint of iris in there somewhere giving a bit of sweetness. I do smell Iso E Super in Cologne Noire. In fact Cologne Noire reminds me of Jean Claude Ellena and his haiku scents from the Hermessences. If you enjoy the spicy iris pepper lightness of Paprika Brasil from the Hermessence Line , you will most likely really like this one too. I loved Paprika Brasil though I know it is not most folks' favorite Hermessence.
Cologne Noire is a streamlined subtle peppery- irisy - woody scent. Very unisex, very wearable and I think even a bit mysterious if worn by a woman .
27th June, 2012
Beautiful, honest cologne, which turns woody and a bit dark quite soon. One of the most original cologne, very elegant, rather masculine IMO.
10th June, 2012