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Positive Reviews of Route Du Thé Homme by Barney's New York

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This seems to largely be based on the smell of green tea essential oil (which doesn't smell at all like tea or tea leaves, and instead smells like sort of a creamy sweet green fresh smell - it's quite popular in spa products, so it's a familiar smell even if most people don't know it by name and would never associate it with tea). Though I assume Route Du Thé Homme is actually synthetic, it still focuses on that strange creamy green note.

It's brightened on top with a mix of lavender and mint (refreshing and good, not toothpasty), and on the bottom by a subtle pinch of vanilla and some cinnamon/mace pie spices. There's a bit of chamomile tea in there, too, which is exceptionally clever - long story short, that famous Tobacco Vanille/Back To Black pipe tobacco accord is done with a mix of pie spices, chamomile, cedar, and honey, so the spiced chamomile in Route Du Thé Homme, being about half of the accord, hints at a cigar tobacco smell without ever technically smelling like it.

I bought a full bottle of this a couple of years ago and have spent that time enjoying it but never really falling in love with it. It deserves a thumbs up, but it's never really managed to become one of those smells that really move me.
03rd June, 2012