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Negative Reviews of Les Elixirs Charnels - Boisé Torride by Guerlain

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United States
Guerlain should be ashamed

350 is the price. wow!! Vicky secrets has better stuff than this.i have a sample that I don't even remember where it's from. but what the hell. jasmine and patchouli are the only 2 notes I detect but at least they lasts awhile. this would get 4 stars if the price was 50 bucks..

Pros: typical teen scent
Cons: overpriced!!

07th July, 2013
An overly sweet fruity florential with a massive marshmellow accord and some woods (?). Cough cough cough...A fragrance that would do great on a "Sweet Sixteen" protagonist. Probably the least successful line by Guerlain.
11th January, 2013