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Positive Reviews of A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

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Awesome scent which doesn't last very long. Doesn't match the original AMen or BMen in DNA at least to my nose. I do like it just wish it lasted longer. Very fresh and clean. Enjoy
08th December, 2015
Try it for yourself.

It took me awhile to warm up to Pure Shot and was even more of a reach as a blind buy. When I first tested it back when it was released I didn't care for it at all due to the projection and longevity issues. The fragrance itself smells of juniper berries and woods, but it has a really nice clean soapy quality to it. This is one of my go to summer fragrances and I really enjoy wearing this. The projection and longevity aren't great, but sillage is good. Overall this is a nice summer fragrance that gets a bad rap for being wrongly put in the A*men Pure line.

Pros: Fantastic smell.
Cons: Projection and longevity are less than stellar.

21st May, 2013
Really nice stuff....

I could care less about the negativity. It has an Aventus vibe combining fruit and patchouli - and that hits me in my personal sweet spot. I dig it and hope it stays around. It's in a unique category...and can't be judged alongside its flankers. Totally different.
23rd February, 2013
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Some will praise it, some will bash it, I'll do neither but I do like it quite much. Sure there's no coffee here, no chocolate and no creaminess. It's quite zesty, cold and sort of fresh. Reminds me a lot of Guerlain L'eau and Boisee but A*Men Pure Shot is less refined and much sharper, sort of like a loud bully when compared to the former mentioned. I myself thought about bashing it myself but after one hour I found it to be pleasant, likeable and soothing. I wouldn't rush to buy it, but if it could be obtained cheaply then I'd buy it without thinking twice.
17th December, 2012
Pointing thumbs southward after sniffing this offering from Mr Mugler seems, to me, to be a bit of a bandwagon affair. If one is prepared to judge this fragrance in its own right and not against its brothers in the Pure line, whilst simultaneously judging the sillage and longevity separately from that boasted by its father, the mighty A*Men, then one should be able to force oneself to concur that it is in fact a very pleasant smelling juice.

I like it anyway!

And I do detect a hint of the original A*Men DNA in the dry-down. Go figure.
16th December, 2012
I love the fact in the beginning of this review page its a ton of NEGATIVE feedbacks.....Now you see the tides turning a bit since the hype is now gone.....This is a quality scent point blank.
It is a very fresh smelling fragrance from the A*Men series and quite a bit different from the other flankers. It is minty and the longevity to me on my skin ios about 7-9 hours. To me....this is good good stuff!
Thank you Mugler for this Set of Flankers!!!
10th December, 2012
For me this is heaven! I adore the combination of the delectable coolness of the mint, the woodsy bittersweetness provided by the sequoia and juniper and the tempered spiciness from the white pepper. I associate it with winter. It’s cool and warm at the same time, like sitting in front of the fire with snow falling outside. Comes with Mugler’s signature potency.

I am unfamiliar with the rest of the A*Men “Pure” range, so I’m afraid I cannot compare.
23rd November, 2012
A smooth, sweet mint with what is essentially A*Men Light. Some tar, some chocolate (After Eightish, though it won't immediately strike you as that) and even some patchouli later in the day, especially in colder weather. Lasts ok (though ok in Mugler terms is well above average by other perfume standards). The best bit is it doesn't get cloying, even in the sweltering 90 degree heat here. Kudos for taking it easy on a classic, Thierry.
20th September, 2012
PS begins with the top notes of freezing mint and juniper. The juniper is the stronger note, as it is just a heavy note seemingly wherever I smell it. But the mint doesn’t back down too far. It is still there, and it provides a bit of a chill. These notes last for quite a while, eventually to recede into a spicy white pepper note followed by the weak base notes of sequoia wood and patchouli. I find these base notes almost nonexistent, surely to be missed by anyone who is not trying to sniff you.

I have to say this is the first fragrance where I have done a complete 180. I absolutely hated this fragrance when I first tried it and resonated with those who gave a thumbs down review. I was in solidarity with everything they said. But upon my second wearing, I didn’t hate it as much. After a couple more times, I just had to admit that I really liked PS. I think what really bothered me was the initial juniper note. I wasn’t crazy about juniper, although PS really helped me to learn to en joy it. But I didn’t ‘get’ the juniper note. The marketing of PS and the look of the bottle and the bright blue color of the star gave me the impression that this was a summer scent, made for hot weather. Initially juniper just didn’t seem like the right note for that. The juniper that complements the freezing mint in the top notes gives this fragrance an overall autumnal feeling – something that “can” be worn in warm weather, but that overall is probably better suited to autumn. This would also pass in spring weather, and probably in summer as well, but I felt like the marketing for this and the actual notes were a bit askew.

Nevertheless, with that said, I suppose I understand the negative reviews. When I first smelled this, I never thought I would learn to enjoy this. I think it’s definitely worth trying a decanted sample. I’m not sure how much a full bottle costs now or if there are many left for sale.
17th July, 2012
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United States
Love this! I originally thought this would be the classic A-Men flanker, but was more than pleasantly surprised! No hint of the original in this. I'm not sure of what's grabbing my attention in this, but I think it's something reminiscent of B-Men (sequoia I think) that's mixed in here with mint and plastic and I don't know what, but it's returning me to the bottle, this cool white rubber-covered bottle, ever since. I'm wearing this to work every day since picking it up, and it lasts the full day. Bravo Mugler! This feels like a winterized, or heavier "cologne" to me. People may 'thumbs-down' this for lack of "A-Men" genes, but I feel like it's a welcome departure for the 'pure' line. Maybe most feel it should contain more 'A-Men', because of the title, but I think this fits!
14th May, 2012 (last edited: 18th December, 2014)
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United Kingdom
I am really surprised to see how many people dislike this! I love it! It's A*Men stripped right back then filled up with tingling fresh woods and a touch of mint. Classic A*Men lovers may not like this as it doesn't have anywhere near the weight. I can't wear the original as people run screaming from me (I cleared an elevator once!!) I do have it and tend to wear it around the house.

As for this, if you're looking a different summer scent or an A*Men 'light' have a go with this. Love the white plastic bottle with the classic blue star! It also lasts for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! A friend also bought it after smelling it on me, he has red in his hair and red heads can break down fragrances quicker than others and change them quite dramatically but this doesn't at all. 4 sprays he wore and I could smell it from a good few feet away hours after application!
02nd May, 2012 (last edited: 23rd May, 2012)
I've completely changed my mind about Pure Shot after wearing it for almost a full year now. When I first reviewed it I didn't give it enough wearings and wrote it off as a weak fresh scent that Mugler screwed up. After wearing this for awhile I can say that this is one of the best summer fragrances I've worn. It's extremely fresh and has a really clean almost soapy vibe going on. The juniper berry gives it a little bit of sweetness and I really enjoy the woods in the base. Projection is deceiving with this. It doesn't have a big scent bubble, but it leaves a nice sillage. It's consistent projection and it lasts longer than I expected. This might be for everyone, but if you live in a warm climate Pure Shot will shine.
26th March, 2012 (last edited: 07th November, 2013)
I just purchased this. From the outset, this does not resemble any of its A*Men brethren. I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct character of this offering: it is a blast of freshness, but not green. Rather, it is a blast of white summer light. I suppose it may qualify for the "Sport" category, but it shares nothing of the aqua and sugar that plague the genre. Instead, the fragrance presents a mild chlorine opening and settles into a nicely balanced and well pronounced patchouli that brings this fragrance back to earth. Therefore, a brief description is: fresh shower feeling after a swim in a pool, followed by a faintly sweet and metallic base that takes command elegantly. The quality ingredients typical of Mugler's products are here as well. True, this frag may be deemed a bit too "chemical" for some, but if you are patient, you will be rewarded with a unique daytime fragrance that does not resemble anything available in the market. I give it an 8.5. It would have been a 9 but for the 4 hour duration of the fragrance. Originality is part and parcel to Mugler. His latest work further confirms. *****UPDATE: an hour into this you will notice the juniper waking to greet you with a melodically soft and slightly soapy/floral bouquet: imagine Mugler Cologne with low voltage. Nice. I always thought Clogne was a bit too loud and missing a firm basenote to balance the top notes. Here, Pure Shot rises to the occasion with wood and patchouli to anchor the juniper and chlorine-like mint. Very nice.
07th March, 2012 (last edited: 04th August, 2012)
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This new flanker from the A*Men line is the black sheep (white sheep?) of the family. There's no A*Men DNA in this one. For starters, it's not a gourmand. Whereas A*Men and the rest of the gang smell good enough to eat, Pure Shot smells good enough to wash your clothes with. Maybe it's b/c it starts off with a laundry detergent type smell. Upon first sniff I get a huge spearmint type smell. It's refreshing, but it also smells a little chemically. It reminds me of standing outside next to freshly washed clothes drying on a line in the backyard on a spring day while chewing spearmint flavored gum. The projection is pretty strong for the first hour or two. Unfortunately, longevity is another area where this is remarkably different from the rest of the A*Men. I get 4-5 hours before it is completely undetectable. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed by that, but the smell is actually very nice. It's definitely the most unique of the line. This is more of a casual, daily use cologne. I wouldn't wear this on a date or out to a night club b/c there's no romance in this one. The bottle itself if beautiful with it's shiny, smooth rubber flask. The sprayer sucks so I cut it like I did all the other flankers. It's nice to have in my collection, but not worth $85.
25th February, 2012