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Neutral Reviews of Alien Essence Absolue by Thierry Mugler

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You can immediately understand that this is an Alien's flanker but, despite the notable resemblance with its previous notorious mate, this perfume is really far more centered over the floral (the balmier orris absolue in this case) creamy/animalic side. This version is infact less "metallurgical"(and i would say less angular and modern) and more, resinous, balmy, rich and carnal. The association between dark vanilla, resinous myrrh and animalic tones is sheer as well as you are enveloped by a wonderfully synthetic animal floral (absolue) syrup. Just a touch of incense imprints a darker feature to the starring amber/vanilla. Really impressive as duration and projection. I still prefer the original version.
08th March, 2013
Whereas the original can be death-by-jasmine if worn when one is not receptive to it, Alien Essence Absolue is altogether a more abstracted affair. A burnished woody amber, it comes across as a ball of appealing sweet notes that one wants to do unspeakable things with. There are hints of booziness, bubble gum, the cashmere woods spliced so neatly onto the vanilla, that the impression is one of roundedness, cosiness, an insistent nuzzling.
There’s a density and impenetrability about it that will frustrate noses after something a bit sharper; it remains something warm and golden behind a pretty smudged lens.
10th October, 2012