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An unexpected scent...

I really had no idea what to think about this scent from the mixed reviews. I've been offered bottles in swaps, but never really felt brave enough to just "go for it". However, a friend I have done many trades with had it, and I figured it was time to test those particular waters.

I have been testing this today, and whereas I previously had assumed this would be either going into my swap or sales pile, I am convinced I will be keeping this particular brew! I am not a fan of "barbershop" scents for myself. I admire other women who can pull it off, but I just can't. But I do love lavender, and have not had any luck with lavender in a scent that doesn't lean dramatically masculine as well as screams "I just had a shave and a haircut!" - but then this strange and unusual combination of elements comes together and all of a sudden, here is a lavender perfectly suited for women!

It can be described as a salty (I know, weird, right?), and yet creamy lavender - yea, I know...doesn't make sense. Here is something to add to the nonsensical description - I am reminded of the beach on a cool day. I know, you think I'm losing my mind. And whereas everyone talks about this being "California" I think about the mid-Atlantic beaches I have loved all of my life. This is (dare I say it?) the aquatic I have been searching for! How can this be??? I do not comprehend how these notes that I can truly pick out, combine to bring me a clear vision of a mid-Atlantic beach on a cool day! How seriously bizarre and wonderful!
16th October, 2016
California Lavender...

So with this creation Tom Ford meant to evoke California (and specifically L.A.) in bottle. As someone who hasn't been to California, I'll have to take his word for it here.

The smell... To me this is a wonderfully authentic Lavender which is surrounded by herbs and fresh citrus. There are actually two types of Lavender being used here by the perfumer, Yann Vasnier, which are supported by clary sage, bergamot, oakmoss, and both lemon and lemon blossom. At the bottom of this herbal base is vetiver and olibanum... and the overall feel is that of a dry, salty, yet fresh, herbal lavender.

Personally I am someone who loves the smell of lavender, and although lavender is sometimes seen as a masculine note, I think this could work on male or female. The composition is fresh in the beginning, turning to dry and herbal in the base. It's almost like a "salty" lavender... as if the lavender bushes are growing by the sea coast, with the salt in the air and the dry herbal aroma coming from the bush being baked in the sun.

It's a wonderful feeling, but the problem is (as with most Tom Ford Private Blends), is that the price can be a little high. Lavender Palm is a wonderful, authentic lavender fragrance, but it's just as good as any other really good lavenders I have smelled, if you have the money for this (and want to smell like California luxury), go for it. But you can also check out a classic like Caron's Pour Un Homme which will also give an authentic lavender. But for a herbal, dry, citrus lavender, this is probably one of the best out there (if you have the money for it).
03rd November, 2014
I hear a lot of people going crazy for the opening, me not so much. Okay, the lavender smells pretty real and pure. Thats all fine, but for me, it's the drydown and the base that I love. When the lavender dries down a bit with the sweet citrus notes coming in thats when (at least on my skin) it becomes a pretty damn nice and fresh fragrance.
12th February, 2014
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Quixotic yet Lavendar

Yann Vasnier proves that he is truly in a league of his own with this extraordinary creation.

Lavender Palm is composed so astonishingly well, and with such a masterful hand, that it creates a lush and intoxicating mirage which bears no resemblance to it's elements. To smell it is to forget it's notes of lime, bergamot, clary sage and the ubiquitous lavender, and to discover a new fantasy. It is a pure, bright, fresh, and cool green floral apparition that is almost alien in its newness, and almost singular in its presentation.

Pros: Wholly modern, inventive, unfamiliar

27th September, 2013
coffee talk

I love black coffee, but I’d rather not drink coffee at all than to drink it with sugar. My preference has led me to have my own category of coffee, which is defined by a lack of sweetener.

Lavender Palm is the sweetened coffee of lavender to my nose. It’s a creamy, sweet lavender, nothing like the resinous, woody, incense lavender of my favorite lavender, Parfums de Nicolai pour Homme. But as with coffee, who the fuck cares what I think?

Lavender Palm is distinct, coherent and inventive. The shape of the perfume holds green herbal facets, sweet creaminess, and the nutty-woody notes without becoming unbalanced or falling to pieces. The composition holds the lavender in the center, but keeps it from overpowering the other notes, something a sharp lavender often does. If you can get past paying hundreds of dollars for a lavender fragrance, Lavender Palm is one of the better options.


03rd June, 2013
LP is a very smooth floral with lavendar being the obvious dominating note. It's very linear on me. It evokes exactly what the title says it evokes. It's a bit strong at first, but settles very nicely. This is the first TF fragrance I have tried, and I guess I can say that there's a definite reason this scent is as costly as it is. The notes are just very exquisite.
26th December, 2012
A very lovely mix of lavender and lemon that smells really refreshing and good. It's one of those scents that is simplistic with not many notes but done incredibly well.

What is though no laughing matter is the criminal price they charge for what is essentially a lemony lavender. If the cost was high street reasonable then this would be a must buy for the Summer but alas not at the price Tom Ford wants for this.
26th October, 2012
Floral, incense, creamy. From beginning to end this is absolutely gorgeous
26th July, 2012
I love lavender. I love Jicky, Pour un Homme, Antihéros, you name it.

I was fooled by Tom Fords Lavender Palm more than once. At first, I definately got the lavender and a certain saltyness, but found that scent suffered from something synthetic. The second time I was looking for the tropical notes, such as cocos that had been mentioned by other reviewers, but ended up thinking the scent was too weak. The third time I smelled Lavender Palm was in the air, from a whiff off my neck, and boy was I taken by its aura. Suddenly the puzzle made sense and I was able to distinguish a beautiful blanket of herbs. There's bright citrus in the there too, oakmoss and flowers. Dry flowers.

Dissecting this perfume up close seems pointless to me. Put it on your neck, close your eyes, start spinning your office chair and just go... ahhhhh!
28th June, 2012
Lavender Palm by Tom Ford - Upon application, one is treated to a whirlwind of lavender. A wonderfully floral and slightly spicy lavender, with an attendant camphor aspect, wafts in the forefront of a citric, herbal background, furnished by the commingling of tangy lemon, bittersweet bergamot as well as a green, creamy and slightly salty clary sage. Transitioning to the heart, the lavender takes on a more subdued and fresh, floral sweetness, and interplays with the sweet, baby powder of nerium oleander as well as the airy, aromatic sweetness of lime blossom. A grassy and balmy undertone from a palm leaf accord carries the florals to the awaiting base. A rich oakmoss imparts its foresty greenness, while a somewhat salty vetiver infuses its grassy earthiness. A sprinkling of citrusy frankincense complements the green blend. A pleasing drydown ensues. This elegant and high-quality composition leans to the masculine side, and has average projection and longevity. And, although it is can be considered an all-season fragrance, this scent will shine in warmer weather.
29th April, 2012
This is the most perfect lavender perfume I`ve ever come across. Its very naturally smelling with the hints of bergamot and green moss in the background. Very unisex and perfect for warmer type weather. Lush, sophisticated and calming. The chrome bottle looks flawless and makes my collection of Tom Ford PB stand out.
13th February, 2012 (last edited: 21st February, 2012)