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Positive Reviews of Armani Privé Oud Royal by Giorgio Armani

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I'll join the chorus in praise of Oud Royal as one of the best westernized ouds. It seems to be built on that polite Givaudan oud, so it's smoky and a bit rubbery without being off-putting. It's mixed with saffron and quinoline for a leathery feel, while opoponax adds a green sharpness and clary sage gives a quiet "niche" masculinity and sweetness, while most of the leftover space is filled in with charred woods. Nice.
11th April, 2017
a balsamic, woody, smoky, dry fragrance

this is one of the best western oud fragrances. however, it smells very middle-eastern. the oud is not medicinal. one might describe it as rubbery. it has just the right amount of amber and saffron to give it a bit of sweetness and spiciness. the incense is predominant but not overbearing. the sandalwood is dry and smoky but not creamy. the fragrance feels almost powdery in the drydown. projection and longevity are average.

10th November, 2016
if you are looking for a true and simple "ode to oud" western-style fragrance, look no further than Oud Royal. it is very, very well done.

immediately upon spraying, another oud fragrance in my arsenal came to mind - Cashmere Oud by MFK.

Oud Royal is similar to Cashmere Oud primarily for the *type* of oud they both look to recreate - Laotian, and putting that note front and center. this variety is actually pretty rare in the "real" oud oil community, but the Laotian note seems to be the dominant one used by western fragrance manufacturers. possibly because it's the easiest to recreate chemically, but also because it seems to pair very well with other notes added to it. what is interesting is that although Cashmere Oud is marketed as "wearable, like a soft cashmere sweater", i would disagree. i think it is a roundhouse punch to the face of extremely potent and dense Laotian oud note wrapped up in little else. the sheer brazenness of its power and its simplicity makes it a work of art.

Oud Royal, however, is the real cashmere sweater of the two. striking but gentle, true but forgiving. the synthetic Laotian oud note can have a fierce petroleum streak to it, but Evelyn Boulanger has made certain to take that edge off. perhaps it's the saffron or the dab of vanilla. perhaps it's the perfect plank of sandalwood the whole fragrance is served on. but the sillage is much better on Oud Royal than Cashmere Oud. more inviting, warmer, more seductive. something you want to be around and enjoy, not just appreciate hanging on the wall.

I am also a saffron lover and the saffron note here is exquisite. others have mentioned rose but i am not picking up on much rose in this scent at all. to me (also an unabashed rose lover), this is actually a positive. it is far too easy to pair oud to dense rose and call it a day. but when you can make dry, woody fragrance that brings out the very best of what oud is about, and at the same time making it as wearable as your favorite t-shirt, then you have done something special.

if i had my druthers, i'd make this scent a liiiiiittle more potent. not much, just a tad. mainly because it's such a beautiful fragrance, i want more people to experience it from afar! the longevity is okay but not great. the Armani website classifies this as an "intense eau de parfum". i think they are stretching the truth there a bit.

a safe blind buy for oud lovers. and a wonderful introductory oud fragrance to those just discovering oud's magic. in fact, if i had to pick one western oud fragrance to show a newbie to see if they like the genre or not, this might very well be it.

02nd May, 2016
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Armani Prive's Oud Royal is another strong entry that's mainly ideal for colder weather, much like Rose d'Arabie.

Of the listed notes, I get mainly oud with a hint of rose, and perhaps some saffron and amber. Although it's not a listed note, I get a strong leather vibe together with the oud, and while both the oud and leather have their dirty sides, they're not so dirty here as to limit the sophistication of the fragrance.

As others point out, it's strong and rich but not overwhelming to the point of being off-putting. The possibility of this working for women seems remote to me, as this definitely strikes me as an implicitly masculine fragrance.

Performance is very good for an EDP in terms of both projection and longevity. Retailing at $290 for 100ml but almost 40% at Beautyspin, this could prove a winter signature scent that's relatively restrained and agreeable, and that's rendered somewhat affordable as opposed to the difficult retail entry price of the line.

8 out of 10
16th March, 2016
Holy cow! I felt guilty at first trying this one on at a local Neiman Marcus - over $500 for the bottle! I am just familiarizing myself to the oud fragrance world, and this one made a strong impact on me. I couldn't stop smelling my wrists! The scent is sophisticated and classy. Try a sample spritz first before plunking down the moolah!
02nd November, 2015
Oud Royal is a beautiful fragrance centred around a note of oud with a generous touch of incense. Initially the oud-saffron conjugate comes to the fore; the oud note is neither soft nor harsh, and quite captivating. Now and then there is a vague hint of an animalic character. I personally detect some similarities with the oud note in Epic Man. The rose is discernible, and helps to round out the composition. The incense lends a mild smoky vibe to the composition. There is not much transition in the fragrance as it wears on skin. The sandalwood is more prominent during the dry down as the oud remains and the incense subsides. The oud-sandalwood base is soft and sensuous.

Oud Royal is recommended if one is looking for a stripped down oud fragrance without too many other distracting notes. The fragrance is never particularly sweet, which I personally enjoy in this case. Projection is good at first and then subsides; longevity is good. A very good oud fragrance for wearing in fall and spring when it's cool but not cold.
13th May, 2015
How I wish I owned this!

Through my varied trials of oud-centric fragrances, this is probably my favourite. As to its legitimacy of any actual oud content, I cannot say, but it doesn't matter, it's so dark and smooth that it goes beyond ingredient quality/quantity.

Beautifully orchestrated, but too expensive, especially since Armani did away with the beautiful wooden bottles.

Update - broke down and bought a bottle. Couldn't resist.
07th April, 2015 (last edited: 27th April, 2015)
An excellent scent. Oud-centric, to be sure. But everything is well blended, the oud is distinctive but not problematic. Sure, there is the rubbery band-aid and medicinal aspect, but that is the charm of oud. It is quite addictive when you get used to it.
The opening is charming and aromatic. The hint of licorice is a brilliant combination with the soapy-sweet myrrh. Here, it reminds me of Fou D'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumer.
The scent is dry -- a welcome feature. Good hints of wood appear from time to time.
The dry-down has amber, musk and vanilla but these are softening background agents rather than prominent features.
Oud fans should check this out, and those curious or new to oud could find this an acceptable introduction to the genre.
13th May, 2014
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United Kingdom
This is not a creation where the oud is added as an extra - the opening is oud-centred on my skin, and quite convincingly so. The myrrh that is added is also convincing as is the labdanum in the drydown with at times a smoky touch on my skin. The base is based on a dark musk note that is tempered by a not-too-sweet vanilla note, buy I never perceived this as a vanilla scent. Decent projection and good silage, but the three hours of longevity are a bit less than expected. A class better, though, to many of the usual fragrance products that Armani has released over the last few years. A winter-warmer for colder nights.

03rd January, 2014
Handsome, distinct, reserved, calculated, brief, but incredibly intriguing. I have received a lot of compliments with each wearing, mostly at work, surprisingly mostly from people who generally don't go out of their way to speak when it's not particularly necessary. Which says something to me. For an Oud, it's remarkably safe for a relatively conservative work-place, which is refreshing, especially considering the fact that I also really enjoyed wearing this at home, and also "out on the town." Not having to stop and reconfigure in between places is most welcome. However, since it is, after all, an Oud, I wish there were just more "oomph."
21st February, 2013 (last edited: 07th March, 2013)
Armani Prive Oud Royal.
This oud is clearly cut from the same timbre as Killian Pure Oud and also Harrod's Ltd. Edition Oud but it is a bit more complex than either of these two by having a gourmand tilt. I would call this a Royal Confection Oud Bar. The oud is incense and mossy while the complimenting notes spices, sweets and nuts. After the warm oudish opening, instead of becoming a leather scent, or an deep dark woods oud, Royal Oud notes take a tasty and slightly gourmand twist with vanilla, amber, licorice, saffron and davana to create a warm sweet edible sensation. This chewy hazelnut confection aspect of Royal Oud results in a much gentler and very house broken oud, ready to wear oud. Notes are: davana, saffron, licorice, myrrh, guaiacwood, labdanum, incense, oud, amber, musk, vanilla. A very pleasant scent that is regretttably a bit short lived. rating 4/5
05th December, 2012
Wow, talk about dark and brooding. Was this Oud Royal an only child brought up by regal, loving but austere parents, his only comforts his books, his few toys and his flights of fantasy from his great loneliness? Something so sad about this one. Normally I would be drawn to all this melancholy in a perfume but this is offputtingly austere and difficult for me to warm to. Extremely dry despite the use of vanilla and amber. Has a leathery quality especially early on. Some pencil eraser. Very linear. Seamless. I wonder whether Oud Royal wasn't made with more caution than confidence.
I do feel Oud Royal has a place, perhaps as just the kind of unique take on oud that it is: a very dry, low-key, quietly smoldering, slightly leathery one. I would not call it a resounding success.
I have read in the forum some tentative preliminary comparison of Armani Prive Oud Royal with By Kilian Pure Oud. Let me state here as emphatically as I can: There is no comparison between the two. They are not similar in any fashion and as a satisfying fragrance Oud Royal is not in the same league with Pure Oud.
I have described Oud Royal as having a leathery quality. At the risk of anyone interpreting this as there being a possible positive similarity between Oud Royal and Dior Leather Oud let me just say that Dior Leather Oud and Armani Prive Oud Royal do not share much in common. Leather Oud is the much better fragrance in this case also.
24th May, 2012 (last edited: 30th May, 2012)