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Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood is an extremely cedary-marine salty/frozen synth accord which smells surely more than acceptable in its mainstream (nowadays urban-metrosexual) infamous genre. Fortunately the cedary presence is never "beyond the limit" and the marine aura is quite dominant. I tend to dislike saltiness but surely I'm better "projected" (more inclined) to cope with ozonic saltiness than with an arid synth cedary "miasma". Yes, a quite mainstream accord (violet, sporty patchouli, cedar, aromatic herbs and ozonic patterns plus a finally soothed resinous-salty woodiness), something in the middle between a whichever Canali Men, a common cool Montblanc Emblem, a melony-marine Bottega Verde Uomo and a more straightforward super sharp ozonic-marine (calone-iso e super-linalool-galaxolide-dominant)
metallic new-generation release. I detect as well something vaguely floral and fruity in the air (fruity more than floral, something conjuring me vaguely the crude melon's taste). The still extremely salty dry down is finally less sharp and slightly smoother (the warmer side of the moon) with its touch of tonka bean-ambergris and several further soothing resinous elements. Not bad but something you'd hardly catch on my attractive :-) skin of southern virile italian fellow.
23rd October, 2016 (last edited: 24th October, 2016)
HWOWW is a nice fragrance, but with some very commonplace notes. It starts with an ocean salt, that fades quickly and a violet, cedar, green patchouli and tonka bean accord develops. It's clean and fresh, if not somewhat flat. Longevity was decent and sillage was average. My issue is that all of the notes used are not terribly exciting and most are done better in many other fragrances. Ocean Salt - Sel Marin, Violet - YSL LH Libre, Cedar/Tonka/Patchouli - Allure Homme Sport Extreme. I will say, the final couple of hours of violet and cedar are very nice, but the sillage is very low at this phase.

If you lack an aquatic wood, violet or cedar scent this could be a single option.
14th April, 2015

After a great experience by HE WOOD ROCKY MOUNTAIN WOOD i expected another fantastic fragrance by this brand but perhaps HE WOOD ROCKY MONTAIN WOOD was only a small sparkle!i wouldn't say this one is bad but is is not as great as HE WOOD ROCKY MONTAIN WOOD.Cool,Aquatic,Refreshing, Modern,Marine,Nice, Energetic and Inoffensive.

HE WOOD OCEAN WET WOOD is a transparent blend of Violet,Amber,Musk,vetyver,Sea Water and Aquatic notes as it starts aquatic like smelling the ocean water also has a bit of a Melony,Cucumber scent to my nose that reminds me a fresh morning at the beach trip when i smelled it.

This type of fragrances are so nice and crisp especially when you are around ladies.this is very good and refreshing for Casual and Carefree Summerdays. Totally it is a nice choice if you dont mind smelling like half of the other men in the room!Now let me think about HE WOOD SILVER WIND WOOD!


Longevity?Above Average on my skin.

29th March, 2015
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This is an interesting one. Two notes dominate the fragrance and they are violet and artemesia. The violet is of the sweeter, watery variety, perhaps a shade purple and wet. The artemesia is distinct, deeply herbal, but not bitter--it's oddly sweet, breezy, and soft. Ocean Wet Wood is not your standard aquatic. It's quite distinct, and provides none of the sharp citrus qualities that have become standard in the genre. This is like a warm marine breeze in the morning, kind of damp and possessing the freshness of a new day, a trace of cool air passing through it. There's no fishiness or rotting vegetation here, but there's isn't any of that "super aquatic" synthetic stuff happening either. And that's part of what makes it unique. Aquatics tend to fall among the two extremes--realistic impressions of the ocean, including some of the smells one would associate with low-tide, and fantastical interpretations of water, extremely blue and clear and bright. Some succeed and some don't. But Ocean Wet Wood has its own lane. I don't think it's something you'd find in nature, but it feels natural, like it should be there and might be....somewhere.

Of course explaining how something smells is tough. Especially when it's pretty unique. This one comes to me in colors--violet, purple, a light blue swathe cutting through it, soft greens weaving in and out, a gray haze passing by. It's cool, aromatically sweet, and kind of unusual. At the same time, it's very pleasant to wear, and will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Sample this if you can. At the very least you'll try something you haven't smelled before. As for me, I enjoy it very much and for some reason find it the perfect aquatic to wear on a rainy day.

Final thought: If Narciso Rodriguez for Him had an aquatic summer flanker, it might be something like Ocean Wet Wood.


11th October, 2014
Both the name and the bottle give you a good impression of what this smells like: aquatic and woody. Lovely scent, would recommend it.
30th July, 2014
Ocean Wet Whatever opens with a bold apple/melonal note, calone, a herbaceous-floral synthetic accord - still crunchy and somehow more vibrant than usual for this type of scents - on a generic "cozy-classy" woody base. All artificial, metallic, clean, "designer" (not in the good meaning). Not exactly "bad", it even has some slightly better quality notes and some more density than other average-low fellow designer scents, but still it's mute and boring as an empty waiting room.

04th July, 2014 (last edited: 05th July, 2014)
Smells a little different, and and seems to last a long time. Not bad overall.
13th May, 2014
Nice aquatic that has great longevity. Smells like a lot of marine scents I smelled before. But don't get me wrong, this is a nice fragrance. I got it for about $27.00, and think it was well worth it. 7/10
20th March, 2014
The combination of Artemisia and opoponax in the opening is very interesting – the rich, creamy resin of the opoponax combines beautifully with the thin aromatic resin of the Artemisia. I was expecting to dislike this one because of the violet and violet leaves that are listed in the pyramid. Now I find it remarkable that I enjoy this fragrance very much – the violets have proven not to be a problem… They come across to me as quite aromatic but they don’t have the aggressive screechiness that I usually encounter with violet leaf. The heart of the fragrance becomes quite linear to me, but in a good way: the vetiver, cedar, patchouli, and tonka form a pleasantly-aromatic, neutral, massed accord augmented by the rich aquatic aura delivered by the violet, opoponax, and artemisia. The fragrance is almost compelling… I say “almost” because aquatics are not my favorite category of fragrances, but this is one I will purchase, even though I don't need another aquatic.
21st February, 2014
It's indeed a smell of wet wood, I'll give it credit to that. It smells nice. Apart from that it has no special characteristic or "feeling" that it creates so I've got nothing more to say about it really. I'll rate it neutral, although it mayhaps deserves more, currently I find it somehow uninspiring.
06th April, 2013
Nice marine scent. Smells really like you're walking in the beach. Lasting power and sillage are average. The bottle is great, as always.
29th October, 2012
"Rant" but no "Rave" !

“Ocean” is more a sketch, than a fully rendered seascape: Instead, it's simply a log, just beginning to macerate in a pond of violet and artemisia. "Oasis Wet Wood", done. It's simple, and it's linear; and as such, I like it a lot. "Marketing" should have stopped at that. But to call this "Ocean"? That just brings up a whole new set of expectations. This is barely "seashore".

As far as "flankers" go, it's somewhat disappointing. If "Rocky Mountain" painted a whole different portrait of HeWood, "Ocean" simply drew a mustache on him !! Essentially just adding Calone to the original, isn't going to make this a great "flanker". In fact, the biggest disappointment here, IS that “water" accord. Which comes off as being still, and murky -lacking the salt infused energy of the sea. Blame it on the patchouli in the "base"; working against the water effect. It both, dulled, and "grounded" the composition -even though it technically gave the fragrance great longevity in the end.

Alberto Morillas is usually formidable. But Daphne Bugey really should have asked Jacques Cavallier, instead ! To partner-up her HeWood with the beautifully vivid ocean in his Bvlgari Aqua pour homme (or even, Aqua Marine). The result could have been my new "signature". As things stand, I still like it. I Just don't love it. *Sighhhh...*

Longevity:9/10 (in base)
Projection (summer temperatures):8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 6/10 (concept and scent execution
only-bottle stays status quo in this series)
How: casual, work or play, summer only,
by yourself picking lint out of your navel.
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)