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Very rich, sweet and sensual. Its a Rochas Man clone with more power; but, less citrus, chocolate vibe and cost. I get loads of sweetened tonka/vanilla and I think amber here.

You need to be OK with the big time sweetness to love this. I was torn between neutral and thumbs up. The power, quality and low cost eeked it to "up" for me.
26th February, 2017
Nice gourmand cheapie. Is similar to Rochas Man, but has more of a warming effect and performance is more persistent and loud. I didn't want to say better because I think it's a bit too loud and synthetic, but the performance is still commendable.
03rd January, 2017
cmath Show all reviews
United States
This is a really simple, yet enjoyable fragrance. I would describe it as a toffee/coffee/caramel vibe and bottom line is it just smells good! It is quite linear but for 15 dollars it is a great bang for your buck. My brother's favorite out of my 20 or so bottle collection and this is including bottles that are 4 times this price!
Overall 9 out of 10 for the price
25th December, 2015 (last edited: 26th December, 2015)
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Michael Jordan Legend is definitely the most hyped fragrance of the MJ line, and particularly for the price, it lives up the hype wholly as an enjoyable gourmand. While not nearly as refined as the likes of Bond No. 9 New Haarlem or I Love NY For All, Legend nonetheless hits on most of the fun marks of sweet gourmands---cocoa, coffee, syrup, etc. In that respect, though, I cannot detect many specific notes but rather just a sweet, bakery/coffeehouse congestion of some of the abovementioned concepts. It's unoffensive, though, at least in my opinion. Not surprisingly, longevity is lacking, but projection is actually decent (maybe a few feet).

I obtained a 15 ml sample as part of a 4-pack with other MJs (MJ, Flight, Flight Sport) and this is far and away the best. Available for about $15 for 100ml on FragranceNet, it's difficult to beat as a cheap cold weather option, assuming you prefer gourmands as much as I do. Definitely a must-try for gourmand lovers.

7 out of 10
27th September, 2015
If folks don't or won't like this, I think a big reason is that it has a celebrity name attached to it and can be found at TJ Maxx. But having tried MJ Legend (though I'm not a huge fan of gourmands), I cannot think of a richer, more sumptuous fragrance at this price point. Legend simply blows many higher end fragrances out of the water when it comes to sheer quality and projection. If you love vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and toffee, you're in for a treat. And even better, the dry down soon leaves the dessert aisle behind and mellows into a marvelous amber. Also, as some others have mentioned, I get a lot of sandalwood from this. Delicious. A hidden gem--get yourself some.
17th July, 2015
Wow, this is a long lasting and very good smelling cologne. I sprayed it on about 10 hours ago, I just put on some scented lotion over it and the cologne is still what my arm smells like!

I agree with the comparison to Pi as it is the only other thing I have to compare it to. To me it's a less synthetic, more powdery and warm version of Pi and I really like it. I can see why it has a 4-star rating, which is hard to attain even for some of the most raved about colognes in the community.

It's a funny story how I ended up getting this for $13 at Ross. I went there specifically to get this one, but when I saw Rocawear IX I almost went for the Rocawear IX instead. I was also there to get Beckham's Instinct (also great, also only $13). But as I was doing the math and price matching on FragranceNet, a guy came up next to me and snatched up the Rocawear IX. You know what? I ain't even mad. His wife who was with him said "What about the Michael Jordan?" and his reply was "Jordan's fragrances were never too popular." Wow, who cares? This probably destroys Roca's IX.

To sum it up: It's a gourmand, it's powdery, it's got sweet vanilla and cream notes, it's warm, it's natural and not synthetic, it has lasting power, and it's dirt cheap. Slap yourself silly if you choose Rocawear over this. Get this. Get it now.
22nd March, 2015
A cheaper, less sweet Rochas Man. For the price it's pretty hard to beat. Beginners need a good sensual gourmand? Look no further.
10th March, 2015
I could detect some coffee and chocolate notes up front. I don't know why but for some reason this fragrance smelled a bit unrefined to me, and I could never reach for it in cold weather given I had Pure Havane, Dior Homme Intense, Chergui,... But that doesn't take away anything from the fact that it's still a quality composition, especially for its price.

If you're looking for a gourmand or something for the cold weather and not looking to spend more than $20, give this one a try. If you are a collector, this should be in your collection. If you're the average Basenoter with at least 15 odd bottles in your collection, you are still encouraged to try it, but might want to look beyond it.

I'm giving a thumbs up considering its quality at that price point, and that it has decent performance. Otherwise would have given a neutral rating.
31st January, 2015
Givenchy Pi by another name...dare I say it is better than Pi? No sneezing here and this is almost an EdP so spray lightly. A bit more complex and better composed to my nose. You could spray a sponge cake with this and eat it its so yummy. For the price? Priceless.

BTW this predates Givenchy's rendition by 2 years!
08th January, 2015
For the price? Of course. 15$ at Ross. A great inexpensive scent. And I am not really into gourmands or powdery scents.

Linear, smooth. I get mostly powderyish vanilla, coconut, and coffee, with a hint of oily..something. Fall/winter scent. Good begginer fragrance.
28th October, 2014
This bad boy here is a GREAT buy for the price of $15 from Ross. The opening is that of french toast almost and has a bit of coffee somewhere in the make up of it. I would say wear this strictly for colder fall days and DO NOT GO TRIGGER HAPPY. This can and will be offensive if you spray without moderation. Everything about this is 5 stars. If you see it go buy it, it's a great beginners fragrance for any gourmand lover.
06th October, 2014 (last edited: 09th October, 2014)
Legend is an attractive gourmand. Its opening has a controlled bergamot and lavender with anise subtly dominating on a base of white patchouli– even the anise is controlled. The opening pretty much sets the stage for the remainder of the fragrance – it doesn’t change very much after. The middle retains the anise and light patchouli and adds a very light tea note. I never do find a moss note that is supposed to be there. For the base, the anise still remains but the patchouli appears to have been replaced with a light musk. I think I pick up a trace of cedar and maybe coffee. This is a simple but extremely enjoyable fragrance. Legend is quite linear; it performs its task very well and is a very good deal for the money.
01st February, 2014
Jordan scores a sweet bucket that becomes Legend(ary)...

I have a few of the MJ fragrances and this one may be the best of the lot... Total blind purchase and I am pleasantry surprised. There are some "nay sayers" out there that the fragrance is too sweet. It is sweet, but in my humble opinion, is the right masculine mix that doesn't cross the line. Out of the bottle, you get the top notes of vanilla or amber that settles to the sweeter musky notes that is easy on the nose. Nice work, MJ..

The projection, sillage, and longevity are average, perhaps a "smidgeon" (yes, I am a Southerner) better than average, that lasts about 4-5 hours on the skin and much longer on clothing - I usually give a spray to my undershirt and sleeve cuff to get that occasional whiff during the day. Legend is nice.. While I have only worn once, and no compliments were received, it has that potential. Sweetie, however, did give it a thumbs up providing the morning "smell test" prior to my departure to work. Additionally, she commented following when I told her it was a MJ fragrance, "it smells higher end than that.."

Legend provides great flexibility and versatility that can be worn just about anytime. The bottle and packaging are about average - I will add that of the MJ colognes I have, I think more could be spent on the nozzles. (ok, call me weird to notice the spray nozzles). I think they look cheaply made. I like a cologne bottle that looks great and gives the impression of a piece of art.

The price/value of this fragrance is very appealing. Given that it is a nice smelling scent, the price/value (less than $20 for a large bottle), definitely gets a strong endorsement for buying.

My final tally for MJ's Legend is 4.1 stars out of 5. It is a great scent that has above average longevity. The price is right with plenty of potential for the "Wow Factor".. Go for it..!! Life is great - remember that honesty and integrity can never be trained - they are in your makeup and earned..
11th May, 2013
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101 for introduction to gourmands with this slightly creamy vanilla scent. Slightly sweet, this frag is pretty good for the price. The leather and patchouli are detected in the mid notes and a nice amount of amber makes this one you would want to check out.

Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself!
19th November, 2012
101 for introduction to gourmands with this slightly creamy vanilla scent. Slightly sweet, this frag is pretty good for the price. The leather and patchouli are detected in the mid notes and a nice amount of amber makes this one you would want to check out.

Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself!
19th November, 2012
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
gourmand and oriental lovers only. last a great while and very sweet ( ala pi jpg rochas man hanae mori) for the price and smell it can'tbe beat. very forst class scent for the budgeters!!!
29th October, 2012
This edc has more longevity and sillage than a lot of my more expensive edts'. Great sweet, but not overly sweet, and warm frag. Can't beat the price, I got my 3.4 oz for $15 at Burlington. Will be wearing this one a lot this winter. Some might not like the fact that this is a "celebrity" scent, but it doesn't bother me what's on the bottle, just what's in it. And I like what's in this bottle.

Edit: Recently found out that this is not an EDC, but rather a cologne spray, which for American fragrances is the same potency as an EDT.
28th October, 2012 (last edited: 28th November, 2012)
LA2000 Show all reviews
United States
Michael Jordan Legend was a blind buy for me, inspired entirely by the rock bottom Ross price of $12.99/100ml as well as the glowing reviews and threads on Basenotes and the constant positive comparisons to Bond's "New Haarlem." Now granted, I have never smelled "New Haarlem", but it has taken on mythic chocolate-y coffee proportions in my mind given the effusive praise it has received. So I figured why not. I'm always up for a good gourmand and I love a bargain.

Legend starts with a bright burst of bergamot and green tea, with a background of soft sweet vanilla chocolate coffee. This opening almost lost me entirely, because where I was expecting Starbucks straight out of the bottle, I got hit with an accord much more at home at the men's fragrance counter at Macy's. All of that bergamot tea seemed so...ordinary. It just felt like the opening of countless "modern" masculines with some vanilla choco-coffee sweetness added to change it up. It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't what I was expecting, which was more of a full bore gourmand.

This bright, "cologne-y" aspect hangs around for a good hour, and as it finally begins to fade, the "gourmand" element really comes to the fore. For me, the chocolate is the big player, followed by lesser coffee and vanilla. This trifecta is presented on a bed of cedar, and what the notes refer to as "old leather" and the whole thing has a very elegant, subdued effect. This is NOT garish in the way one might find A*Men.

One thought on the "leather": This note does not read as "old" to me at all. In fact, I get more of a "sporting goods section" vibe from it - new leather baseball gloves and new rubber basketballs mingling in the air. It's quite appropriate given the brand, and provides an interesting, avant garde twist. And while those in the know compare this to "New Haarlem" or "Rochas Man", my experience suggests yet a different comparison:

Bulgari Black. Legend does not smell like Black per se, but it shares a similar approach to masculine "sweetness". Where Black layers vanilla tea over smokey rubber, Legend layers an iced macchiatto over the smell of freshly minted sporting good equipment. In both cases, the approach elevates an ordinary gourmand concept into something memorable, different, modern, and wearable.

Thumbs up.

26th October, 2012
Great fragrance. Its a sweet yet very masculine vanilla, chocolate, and coffee scent, a combination you cant beat. I have smelled all kinds of different scents since i started getting into fragrances and this is one of the best ive smelled yet. At 12.99 for a 3.4 oz at Ross stores, you cant go wrong with this one.
18th October, 2012 (last edited: 23rd October, 2012)
I haven't had the chance the smell New Haarlem or Rochas Man but if Michael Jordan's Legend is an indicator for these two fragrances then count me out. I have no interest in smelling like a sweet cupcake syrup man dress. Let me say one thing before going on: Legend smells good. It does. But so does a bakery.

It's sweet. It's got some "manliness" to it but so what? It smells too girlie, not feminine, girlie, to me. I'd rather wear a truly feminine fragrance like No. 5 than wear this.

With that, if sweet is your thing and if you consider sweet to showcase your manhood perfectly then spray this on because it doesn't smell bad. It smells good, actually.
06th October, 2012
I give this an unqualified "thumbs up."It's Rochas Man only much better, longer lasting, with a better drydown.

For the price you won't find anyting better. In fact, if you like gourmonds, you won't find many fragrances better than Legend at any price.

Update: Feb. 2015:

Unbelievable - this fragrance gets a 4 rating, 17 likes and one neutral, smells like New Haarlem, and is $20 or less and, it gets only 18 ratings? This would indicate that not many basenoters have tried Legend. What a shame.

A gourmand lover's dream.

09th July, 2012 (last edited: 20th February, 2015)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
I didn't like this at first, but having worn it now a couple of times, I've come around to liking it.

It starts off ultra-sweet, like the opening of AMen or BMen, and is too sweet for me. It smells like caramel blended with capuccino, and very much like Rochas Man. If Legend stayed this sweet the entire time, I'd throw in the towel, because it's way too sweet for me.

The drydown is where it's at. It's extremely heavy on the amber, and I don't like amber, but there are also aromatic notes like patchouli and cedar that break up the sweetness and make the amber smell spicy and masculine. Together, they create a wonderful accord that smells just like good quality sandalwood - rich, deep and masculine.

02nd July, 2012 (last edited: 27th July, 2012)
After looking around for Rochas Man Intense, I gave up trying to find a bottle at a reasonable I looked around and found out that some folks think this juice smells like it. THEY ARE CORRECT. I love Rochas Man, and so do my female clients and co-workers. The problem is, it doesn't last all that long on my skin. Today, I put one spray of Legend on each wrist and the stuff is marvelous. It's gourmand and the chocolate vibe is pretty good (though it's not listed in the pyramid) all the way through the workday. It's uncanny, really. It's also a bit cheaper than Rochas. Don't get me wrong - Rochas is still part of the wardrobe, but only for intimate occasions...Legend is for the masses.
13th June, 2012
Why is there only one review before me? This is a Great scent!

Very cheap when compared to the scent that it is compared to- Bond's Haarlem or maybe Rochas Man.

Great life span on this one and great warm aroma, somewhere around the cocoa/coffee and nutmeg area.

What are you waiting on? Go out and try it!
13th May, 2012
absolute masterpiece its a semi gormorand with some vanilla, coffee and chocolate almost like rochas with a MUCH more aromatic and masculine character and the woodsy notes are very rich and give the drydown a great kick

when i first got a whiff i was like whoa and it really dried down nicely and gives great sillage, longevity and the quality of the scent really is great. highly recommended
22nd February, 2012