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Neutral Reviews of Legend by Michael Jordan

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Nice gourmand cheapie. Is similar to Rochas Man, but has more of a warming effect and performance is more persistent and loud. I didn't want to say better because I think it's a bit too loud and synthetic, but the performance is still commendable.
03rd January, 2017
I haven't had the chance the smell New Haarlem or Rochas Man but if Michael Jordan's Legend is an indicator for these two fragrances then count me out. I have no interest in smelling like a sweet cupcake syrup man dress. Let me say one thing before going on: Legend smells good. It does. But so does a bakery.

It's sweet. It's got some "manliness" to it but so what? It smells too girlie, not feminine, girlie, to me. I'd rather wear a truly feminine fragrance like No. 5 than wear this.

With that, if sweet is your thing and if you consider sweet to showcase your manhood perfectly then spray this on because it doesn't smell bad. It smells good, actually.
06th October, 2012