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Positive Reviews of Arsenic No. 17 by Tokyo Milk

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Arsenic suffers the same 'great' idea which plagues about 2/3 of all absinthe homage fragrances - vanilla. The only time I've ever smelled/tasted absinthe with vanilla in it is when I made it myself, and that batch did not go over as well as I had hoped. That aside, the opening is very pleasant- a bitter, aromatic green scent tempered with a seemingly kaleidoscopic fennel, and, oddly enough, a pinch of salt, as though the herbs were picked by the sea. The big problem with Arsenic is that the opening only lasts a good 15-20 minutes before you're left with little more than a musky, dusty old vanilla smell, the barest hint of its former self echoing in the deepest recesses, and very close to the skin. Though it leaves me wanting I still enjoy its simplicity. I wish the firm would release a more intelligent version of this, but given their demographic and marketing strategy I won't hold my breath.
29th January, 2016
This is a very unique and I would say yummy fragrance with a really interesting smell that I loved it.
The opening is a fresh scent with a little bit of sweetness in the background.
When I say fresh I don't mean something that you're getting from citruses or other fruits.
It's a bitter herbal smell with cooling vibe and fresh feeling and I believe it's mixture of eucalyptus and mint.
Usually eucalyptus by itself has that bitter green, herbal, fresh smell with cooling feeling but I can smell mint as well.
The sweetness is very soft and completely in the background at the start.
The eucalyptus here doesn't smell like vicks vapoRub at all. it doesn't smell medicinal.
It's like grabbing fresh eucalyptus leafs from the tree and squeezing it and then smelling it.
As time goes by, the cooling and fresh feeling of the scent goes away and that bitter herbal scent settles down just a bit.
The sweetness in the dry down amps up a little bit but it's not very sweet.
It's creamy and I think there is small dose of caramel beside vanilla that both together giving the scent creamy feeling which is extremely sensual.
Now it's the interesting part for me!
For unknown reason this combination of semi sweet creamy caramely smell mixed with bitter green eucalyptus reminding me of the taste of sesame cream.
When I smelled it there was only one thing in my mind ..... dude, this smell like sesame cream!
This is why I would call this fragrance yummy because I love sesame cream and I'm eating it a lot and this fragrance specially in the dry down remind me of the taste of it.
Projection is average but longevity is great. I'm getting around 8 hours and sometimes a little more.
05th April, 2014
Almost Excellent

The absinthe and fennel are lovely here. Would be excellent if they held longer, and the vanilla was toned down. Off to explore absinthe scents now...

Pros: fennel, who knew?!
Cons: vanilla, you harlot, cover yourself"

01st October, 2013
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I’ve been trying a few of the Tokyo Milk Dark collection, and while they’re deft and smell nice, I can’t shake the feeling that they lack dimension. Arsenic captures this impression. It is an interesting and successful culmination of disparate notes that really does mimic the medicinal/poisonous scent of absinthe, one of its listed notes. It moves from an effervescent top notes that suggests aldehydes, to a grainy, woody heart dusted with powdered cardamom.

Although it shows evolution over a wearing, Arsenic feels two-dimensional from top to base. It suggests that it’s built for a generally nonperfume-wearing Anthropologie customer who finds in it a scent that doesn’t smell like her notion of “perfume” and likes it. If introducing fragrance to someone who doesn’t otherwise wear it smells this good, I’m all for it.
30th November, 2012