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Not too sure about the opening: About my only definite recognition is labdanum and I have to do some projecting and parsing to get that. The situation is that there is musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and nutmeg listed and they all have smooth, middle level vibrations as far as I’m concerned. I can, with effort, pick out the labdanum because of a slight resinousness that I’m detecting.

I don’t know why but on my skin Profumo’s Eccelso doesn’t have the typical movements that most other fragrances have. I get everything at once – I smelled almost every note when I explored the opening. The only listed note I didn’t get right away was the magnolia note, and I never was able to separate that one out from the accord, which seemed to me very simply textured and linear. I think this is the kind of scent that, through use, I would learn to love but it’s a bit expensive to experiment with.
04th May, 2014
Leather in Disguise.

ln the opening l get a whiff of smoke, a very light touch of bergamot, a little spice & wood, & hints of patchouli & labdanum beneath. Then ten minutes in, l get a distinctly animalic leather note. This is not mentioned in the notes lists l've seen, nor in any of the few reviews l've come across, but on my skin the heart of this fragrance is a smoky, powdery, soft leather, & really a most enjoyable surprise. l don't get the listed magnolia note, except as a mere suggestion of floral creaminess, which is gone almost as soon as l detect it. From this point it slowly dries down to a mossy ambergris base, still projecting softly after five hours.

For me this is primarily a comforting & very nice quality leather fragrance, & although it's listed here as a masculine, l would say ladies can easily wear it too.

07th June, 2013
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United States
A little too sweet and floral for my taste. I do get a lot of sandalwood at drydown. Longevity is quite long, average projection. Got the sample, won't be buying a bottle.
13th March, 2013
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I'm glad that I'm the first to review this piece of olfactory genius. I had a sample of this since April, it took me a while to pull the trigger and buy the full bottle mainly due to its rarity and finding a place that sells it was hard. This is an amazing scent that's very elegant and refined. It's floral, spicy and woody. this should be on the top shelf with your "special occasions" scents (date, dinner party, fund raisers, ect). Wearing this just to hang out with your friends will make u feel like a douche. You wouldn't wear a tux to poker night would u? Five stars, thumbs up all the way
29th December, 2012