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Profumum Dolce Aqcua is accurately, as its name suggests, "sweet water," taking the sweet almond/vanilla mix found in Confetto and instead of making it powdery, it's semi fresh and aquatic in Dolce Acqua. The tonka seems minimal in Dolce Acqua so it's more nutty than powdery. It's sweet, creamy, leaning toward a rich gourmand while at the same time not smelling like baked goods---certainly closer to candy and confection.

It's the type of sweetness I find a little confounding, though, as it's quite possible that I'm simply not a huge fan of almond, as I know I love vanilla.

I see this, like Confetto, as better-suited for women, though obviously men like myself that like gourmands could easily like this, even though it's not particularly a hit with me. Heliotrope certainly makes this lean toward women, though I find the coconut perfectly unisex.

Still, the quality is obvious and it blatantly achieves what its name suggests, a sweet aquatic that is not too heavy. Performance is good, and it has the same standard pricing as other Profumum offerings. Not one I'll likely smell again but it's an honest name and some will understandably love it.

6 out of 10
24th February, 2017
Almonds & Vanilla.

This is predominantly an almond scent, from top to bottom. l get a whiff of plasticine (not playdoh!) in the opening phase, & a tonka note that strengthens over the course of the drydown, joined by a woody vanilla in the base. lt's a little like Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream without the rose, & with much less complexity. lt's not at all powdery, & would probably appeal to both sexes. The projection is moderate, fading after around six hours.

A pleasant enough scent, worth trying if you love almondy-vanilla fragrances, but for me this isn't special enough to justify the price.

07th June, 2013
I love it.It's definitely more on feminine side.It includes just almond,vanilla and coconut. No powdery.It's so creamy and one of the best perfume for vanilla lovers.
12th November, 2012
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