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Reviews of Dolce Acqua by Profumum

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Almonds & Vanilla.

This is predominantly an almond scent, from top to bottom. l get a whiff of plasticine (not playdoh!) in the opening phase, & a tonka note that strengthens over the course of the drydown, joined by a woody vanilla in the base. lt's a little like Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream without the rose, & with much less complexity. lt's not at all powdery, & would probably appeal to both sexes. The projection is moderate, fading after around six hours.

A pleasant enough scent, worth trying if you love almondy-vanilla fragrances, but for me this isn't special enough to justify the price.

07th June, 2013
I love it.It's definitely more on feminine side.It includes just almond,vanilla and coconut. No powdery.It's so creamy and one of the best perfume for vanilla lovers.
12th November, 2012