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The note pyramid looked promising. I like the pine and incense opening, but there seems too much cumin. It's not listed, but there is a warm spice that I believe is cumin. There is NO leather that I can detect. Dry down gives a very dry sawdust note, very linear with a pine note. I don't dislike it, but After wearing it for a full day, there is something irritating about it.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 28th June, 2016)
This reminds me of Guerlain Songe d'un Bois d'Ete, just a little. It's gamy in the same way. This is sweeter and smokier, so this one feels like a powerhouse.

I've change from thumbs up to neutral while I'm typing.

This is too sweet, covering something off, or sharp, the turpentine, I gather.

This one is interesting for sure. It has a bit of a camp fire feel at times.
06th June, 2015
Given the price, I am neutral on it.
It is wood. Good wood, to be sure. But for me, it is simply wood and not much else.
The wood is pleasing. It reminds me of bark, with a rough texture.
Simple, outdoorsy, natural, and beautiful.
But I don't get much (if any) coniferous notes, or incense.
So after a while the wood seems monolithic to me.
I think it could be more interesting.
28th November, 2013
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Smoke, turpentine and incense
A first shocking blast and i'm immediately invested by a fist of supreme pine resin, woodsy needles, enamel varnish, polish, carbonized woods, Diavolina (kerosene-paraffin +woody/papery dust), sweet amber/balsams and treated stout leather. Impressive, really impressive and almost bewildering, i don't know what to think, what i'm evoking at moment and what i'm engaged to unbury from the abysses of the past. Some spices (cloves?) are present but on a secondary sphere in my perception, for sure less influencing than in Fille en Aiguilles which is a really differently smelling stuff in my humble opinion (far more fruity/spicy and less tarry/smoky/incensey). In a while the smoky incense starts to rise up in concomitance with the tarry notes minimal subsidence. The "elaborated" pine resin (with all its charge of olfactory tarry and chemical nuances) remains notable but the smoky "turpentinic"incense (a la Black Tourmaline more than a la Avignon) plays gradually its co-protagonist role influencing the aroma with liturgical whiffs. A combination of natural camphoraceous resins with synthetic tarry "interventions", sweet/spicy amber-balsams and polished leather (combination finally more influencing the all whole aroma and determining) spreads down a base for the woods-incense smouldering campfire. I would define the woody (mostly cedarwood) vibe as similar to the effect aroused in the air by an extinguished campfire by the usage of water but unfortunately what jumps to my mind is also the burnt plastic effect luckily counteracted by a woodsy/incensey more appreciable feel. I'm sincere, the resinous/leathery (almost sweet, chemical and rubbery) feel, namely what in my perception smells as the un-natural side of the aroma, is too much for me and for this reason i find this fragrance unwearable in spite of my general appreciation for the genre itself, for the smoky incense/woods natural combinations and here (with Arso) in particular for the Profvmum's audacity. I would finally add that i do not perceive in the aroma the fair level of refinement, accomplishment and sophistication. My rating is barely more than medium.
Ps: after 4-5 hours the dry down appears really dull, onedimensional and linear, conjuring me the gummy odour of the vapor steam artificially produced inside the 90's discos i used to attend in the seasons of the youth. You can't separate anymore the incense from the smoke, the woods from the leather and the residual aroma is nothing than a sort of artificial, velvet, steamy and kind of rubbery/gassy (in perception) cloud of the clubs.
Pros: Woodsy, audacious, evocative.
Cons: I detect a touch of plastic"</p>
05th September, 2013 (last edited: 21st May, 2016)
Fish Show all reviews
United States
I'll stretch this to a 3/4 thumbs up but that's it. The opening of Arso was a powerhouse blast of spruce/fir reminding me of my adventures along evergreen lined trout streams in northern NH and Me. It was a nice kick to the past but a different cologne in the present. The dry down remained woody and went to a sweet and sour lighter pine, some pitch/tar, incense and cedar but I have a hard time finding the leather. Perhaps that's the a sweet leather scent I smell? Yes, one could say the scent is similar to pencil shavings and I sure would not argue with that opinion.
I like it, don't love it. Where would I wear this? Perhaps this is the deep winter scent for sitting alone in the cabin by the fire as snow falls sipping on a brandy. It has an absolute masculine scent and after dry down mellows out fairly nicely, but still a bit too piney, a scent I normally do like in moderation (Lubin Itasca).
Perhaps this would fit well on the ski slopes along with the after ski chalet and outdoor hot tub but not in a nightclub in NY or LA.
07th January, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Arso opens with a mixture of smoky incense, sweet amber and pine resin. This semi-sweet smoky pine pretty much hangs around from start to finish as the scent is extremely linear. Joining this accord in the heart is a minor woody cedar note that mingles with the resinous coniferous aspects to create a somewhat dark are deep overall accord that is rather distinctive if not more than a bit abstract. The overall accord sweetens a bit more in the dry-down with a slightly earthy feel late. Projection and longevity are both average.

I like pine scents in general, but I can't say I really like Arso much. There is something about the mixture of its sweet amber, smoky incense and pine that just seems somewhat "off" to my nose. The scent does improve a bit in the dry-down, but not enough to get me to really like the stuff. Arso is not terrible, but its nothing I want to wear despite its admitted distinctiveness and innovation. If you are a "cone head" looking for something completely different than other coniferous scents on the market Arso is sniff worthy, but I recommend sticking to other coniferous scents like Norne by Slumberhouse that smell a heck of a lot better for a lot less money. Arso gets an "average" rating of 2.5 stars out of 5.
01st September, 2012