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Profumum Roma’s Arso accomplishes the great feat of mixing some great cold weather notes of resin, pine, cedar, incense, and leather, and somehow coming off a bit sweet in the process. I love the mix of notes on paper and they end up being harmonious on skin, as well. The leather is comparatively subdued, as I get mostly pine, incense, and resins, but this certainly still feels like a partly leather fragrance somewhere in the mix.

I regard it as almost halfway between the sweeter Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache and the sharper D.S. & Durga Bowmakers, though it leans closer to the former, just without its noteworthy strawberry sweetness. Still, there’s something about Arso that’s sweet, and I assume it to be the resins. One notable YouTube reviewer said it wasn’t sweet at all, but on my skin, it’s very sweet---perhaps not all-out gourmand sweet, but certainly sweet enough to be called a sweet fragrance, though of course experiences vary.

I believe Arso is depicted as unisex but I regard it as masculine-leaning , though I could imagine some women liking it. Performance is very strong, high projection and well above average longevity. I’m not sure I’d necessarily buy this one given that I own the two similar fragrances I cited above, and Arso is the highest priced of them of them all, at $250 for 100ml, but it’s certainly something to consider in the future. A great fragrance, especially for cold weather.

8 out of 10
01st August, 2016
Well...with a name like Arso, this fragrance could be the butt of a lot of jokes.

Seriously though, this fragrance is...INCREDIBLE!!! I absolutely love, love, love the opening notes!!! This is the best resinous pine I've found so far!!! I love pine so much, and I really pick it up with this scent. I'm not into the whole burning scent craze that seems to happen when someone uses coniferous notes these days, but it doesn't get in the way with this fragrance. I don't pick up any leather at all. This is a beautifully crafted product and I must have a bottle! I've just discovered Profumum Roma and both of the products I've experienced so far are exceptional in quality and in enjoyment. As Arso dries down the cedar comes into play. It's a very dry cedar and sits nicely on the skin. This was just such an enjoyable day because of this beautiful fragrance. Highest recommendation!
15th April, 2016

Leather, incense, pine resin and cedar leaves.

Opinion: I couldn´t ask a better way to end Profumum Roma´s fragrances. My friends, I found my #2 smoky fragrance of all time! Arso is simply OUTSANDING! Once again, I have lack of words to describe this. What an incredibly balsamic, smoky, woody, leatherish (and sweet) scent! Right from the opening, Arso is memorable. Somehow, and in spite of not being listed, this fragrance has clearly a sweet vibe that (gladly) sticks for most of its development.

This is SO beautiful! The quality is...Profumum Roma, as this is exquisite, refined, powerful, warm, dry, dark (but quite wearable at the same time) and the added sweetness is heavenly here. The pine give a bit of Christmas tree vibe, I think. Gladly this is not overly dark or smoky, nor sweet, although this sometimes feel a bit like an edible pine. Nevertheless, it´s perfectly balanced (same as Sorriso). I can´t find anything bad to say about Arso.

Now, time for comparisons. Interlude Man, Cape Heartache and Fille en Aiguilles are the ones this fragrance is more compared to. I do believe that all of them have similar vibes (due to incense/smoky - Interlude Man, and Pine - Cape Heartache, and Pine and sweetness combined - Fille en Aiguilles), but I do believe that Arso is in a league of its own. I do know that many of you love Interlude Man to death and won´t agree with me, but this all resumes to a matter of tastes and opinions, and this is mine. I do believe that performance wise, Arso is close to Interlude, as really a beast!

Very glad to have sample Sorriso and Arso, as Profumum Roma is now clearly one of my favorite houses (like Xerjoff).

In conclusion: Arso is simply IMPRESSIVE!

Type/Gender: Masculine.

It´s clearly a masculine scent.

Season and Purpose: This is a Winter/Fall fragrance (mostly Winter). I´d avoid work or formal occasions, but I´d wear it in many occasions like night out, clubbing, special events, and maybe on dates (to to the sweet nature and highly masculine vibe). It´s clearly more wearable and versatile then Interlude Man.

Achilles heel:

Regarding Performance:

- Longevity: ~16h
- Sillage: Heavy
- Projection: ~5h

Scent: 9.73
Longevity: 9.65
Sillage: 8.65
Projection: 8.50
Uniqueness: 8.30
Versatility: 7.80
--- Overall: 8.77

Would I buy it? Yes!!!

This fragrance costs ~$230/250 for 100 ml. On the pricey side, but this is a must!!!
14th October, 2015
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The opening of Arso is, in fact, quite “burning” (“arso” means “burnt” in Italian); even more than the usual smoky/smoked note which seems quite in fashion lately, here is rather the dark, warm, dry and “living” smell of a flaming campfire, halfway Sonoma Scent Studio’s Fireside Intense and Goodsir’s Bois d’ascèse. Here in Arso, this prominent accord is wrapped into a warm resinous-amber cradle, much spicy too (cloves) on a round, sweet base on vanilla and perhaps tobacco too, a set of brownish notes creating a sense of “hot gold”, visually evocating flames indeed. Soon arises also a balsamic feel which joins the pungent note of cloves, together blending with the smoked-campfire accord (actually this balsamic note may just be a side nuance of Iso E, which this “campfire” accord is surely stuffed of). Initially this balsamic note is tamed down, while then while the scent evolves it becomes more and more prominent while other notes become weaker or drier. Thus the scent becomes colder as minutes pass, slowly becoming more green-piney and grayish, still smoky and resinous but just less “golden” than the opening phase – something like many CdG’s, just warmer and spicier. I agree with the reference to Filles en Aiguilles, as Arso basically smells like if you threw a bottle of that Lutens’ right into a chimney. Now, overall I quite like Arso; the smoky accord is well elaborated, with a thick, layered and dusty texture, ashy and dry, really woody and with a nice set of nuances from black to golden-warm. Powerful and vibrant without smelling excessively cloying. The rest is nice too, and I consider Arso a well-made and pleasant scent, much sophisticated too as you can expect from such dark-smoky type of fragrances, with just a bit too much spices in my opinion, but they soon become more quiet so not a problem (and well, who cares if that would be a problem for me eventually). Classy and more unusual than other of this “genre”. So far, the only Profumum scent worth any attention to me, although the price is completely megalomaniac.

11th November, 2014
Beautiful. Initially there is sweet pine sap and incense, but then it rapidly begins to smoulder and become both deeper and airier. Pine sap, cedar, incense and smoke. It smells as if you were downwind of a flaming bottle of Serge Lutens' Fille En Aiguilles.

Me: I love it. If it weren't for the price I would regularly wear this.
You: If you're a niche fraghead, then definitely. If you wear designer or Creed, probably not.

Scents with similar elements:
Fille En Aiguilles - Pine sap.
Sycomore - Sweet smoke.
Encens Flamboyant - Fire and burning incense.
16th March, 2014
Burn Baby Burn

A blast of burning Incense, rubber and leather...Knize Ten meets Bulgari Black in nowhere land.

Sillage thick as a brick!

Pros: Flaming Power
Cons: none"

06th October, 2013
Burnt sugar+conifer+incense.

Smoky leaves (sometimes, it makes my eyes water!), burnt sugar crystals, smoldering frankincense and some scrub pine branches thrown on top. A touch of toasted cedar. Could be a sacred scent for a pagan or a forest dwelling mystic. Enchanting.
16th May, 2013 (last edited: 15th May, 2015)
Arso by Profumum - Upon application, one is treated to a rush of balsam fir, with its faintly fruity and terpenic woodiness. This Christmas tree aroma is, at once, sappy and resinous, with a somewhat bracing and clean quality. Waves of birch tar infuse its burnt-forest and campfire smokiness, as well as hints of bald leather, while a clove bud presents its charred-wood character. An entrancing and lively, colophony incense wafts about. And, an undercurrent of thuja, from cedar leaf, can be sensed with its woody, camphor scent, akin to menthol-like notes. A buttery, cedar chest aura from Virginia cedar couples with an anisaldehyde with its soft and sweet, licorice aroma, akin to Shoelace Sweets, and vies with the singed-conifer/leather/incense cocktail. A Peru balsam presents with its sweetly vanillic woodiness, with a urine phantom, while fir moss supplies its earthy and mouldy character, reminiscent of bark, needles and decaying wood on the forest floor. An intriguing drydown ensues. This manly and somewhat exotically unique fragrance has very good projection and longevity, 10 hours or more.
06th October, 2012
This is gorgeous stuff. I got a sample, so it's not my conscience trying to justify $240 bottle of perfume. The myrhh is high quality and not overly "incensey" or spicy. THere's a touch of a warm woody note and maybe some amber like labdanum or Peru Balsam. Very well done and long lasting. Sillage is not very far projecting but perfume should be for you, not for everyone in the room. Considering purchasing a full bottle. I don't really get "leather" with this, but it's well blended and complex so there may be a very subtle leather note for all I know.
16th June, 2012
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United Kingdom
Pick up a wooden pencil. Sharpen the end. Smell the newly shaved wood.....that's what Arso smells like to me.
I bought a bottle because I do like the smell and it lasts 12 hours on me which for what they charge is the least it should do.
27th May, 2012 (last edited: 17th May, 2014)
A smoked and syrupy almost edible pine. Very warm and comforting for a type of fragrance that can often seem austere and one-dimensional ("uncomplicated", if we're being more positive). Actually there is some interesting development, within limits, as it dries down. If you get those cravings for things that smell like Black Tourmaline or Kyoto or Hinoki or the like, or if you want to carry a bit of the great outdoors around on your skin, or if you just want to smell some yummy pine resin please check out this Arso.
14th April, 2012
I totally agree with everything alfarom said. This is one of Profumum's best masculine fragrances and one of the best from any house in the past few years. Anyone who likes this type of scent should definitely sample this one. It's worth the high price.
02nd March, 2012
Arso is possibly one of my biggest 180 so far. I always found it unbalanced, sort of too smoky but I was wrong! It smells so darn good.

Strongly resinous, incensey with a tad of sweetness during the opening and with leather hints throughout. A shy boozy note discreetely remakrs its presence druing the initial phase to slowly disappear leaving space to a slighlt sweet amber note while the fragrance dries down. Smells exactly like an estinguished campfire where they burned resinous pine, cedar and tones of dry leaves, smells of velvety white smoke, smells incredibly salubrious. Initally I thought about a mash-up between Fille En Aiguilles and Black Torumaline but overall Arso is less balmy, less sweet and as much as I love the Lutens and the Durbano, this one is much more wearable.

Surely among the best deliveries from Porfumum. Terrific!
15th February, 2012 (last edited: 16th February, 2012)
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