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Neutral Reviews of Archives 69 by Etat Libre d'Orange

Total Reviews: 1
For the first hour or so, l find it hard to identify notes in this one, but l mainly get the sweet juiciness of fruit without the actual fruit, (if that makes any sense!) along with a little pepper. ln the heart it starts to make a lot more sense, when the benzoin & a rather lovely incense note join the mix. The overall impression is an interesting hybrid of freshness & warmth, & l swear l smell ambergris in the base, although it's not listed. The projection is good, & it lasts around five hours before starting to fade.
l can't quite give this one a positive rating as l don't really do "fruity", but l enjoy the drydown, & l think this is a very likeable fragrance, easily unisex.
15th December, 2012