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Antonia is a gorgeous, high quality floral. The perfect fragrance for a Spring bride's wedding day or a Mother's Day gift. The lily of the valley aspect is modern and the iris really sings in the opening. For this price, I wish that the longevity was a bit better. It faded to powder on me in 3 hours. But this one is definitely going on my wishlist.
06th May, 2015 (last edited: 16th May, 2018)
This was a 'kill me now for I have seen heaven' moment in the store: if I had had the ready cash I would have bought first and thought of the consequences later. Antonia has that knock-out effect when sprayed; the senses reel with delight, its classiness is effortless.
Testing it in the more sober environs of my home, I can see why this appeals to me so: it has the hallmarks of the grand old school florals I adore. The heart chord couldn't be more traditional: jasmine-ylang-rose – how many times has one come across that before? And the support is by a soft-as-down orris and some soapy vanilla. Everything is buffed to perfection, in exquisite proportion and eminently wearable. The whole thing shimmers like an aura; it makes me feel slinky and sexy. (Admittedly 4-5 hours in, this becomes a thoroughly blended abstract floral, still sophisticated but no longer an absolute blinder.) It's a quantum leap forward from the drugstore quality of puredistance 1, but I'd still like to see it at about a third of the price to seriously consider a purchase.
08th May, 2012
Antonia is green green green gras...very fine, sexy...
23rd March, 2012
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