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Negative Reviews of Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

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Guerlain Homme wrecked by an obnoxiously large dose of ISO E Super. Here's to hoping Guerlain never does that again. Really can't stand this one.
10th March, 2016
If this would be a designer, I'd give it a neutral rating. But it's a Guerlain, for heaven's sake, why does it have to smell so utterly boring? I get vetiver and vetiver with a little hint of vetiver. Very original. It's a safe, citrus-fresh summer scent for unappealing men who bring nothing to the table, sorry to put it that bluntly. Drydown smells similar to Terre d'Hermes which, honestly, is miles ahead qualitywise. After ahve longevity and sillage, complement factor non-existent and price too high. What was Guerlain's intention behind this? "We need to generate some money, quick, do a Terre d'Hermes/Issey Miyake rip-off!"

Pros: bottle has a wooden cap, very neat!
Cons: uninspired, unoriginal, boring - not worthy of its house.
12th October, 2014
A good quality fragrance. So why a thumb down? It's the negative emotions that scent inspires in me. It's formal, office scent that blends well in spring time. It could be perfect for funerals too. I must stress out that the scent itself, albeit not all too original, is in fact a high quality scent, but I can't forgive it the fact that it puts me in the negative, gloomy mood.
13th September, 2012
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This is not a very common smell but it's boring and unwearable in my opinion. Can't imagine any ocasion for weraing it.
20th February, 2012 (last edited: 30th July, 2012)