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When I placed my order for this fragrance I instantly thought "Oh no what have I done". I have had the "smokey fire like" scents before and absolutely hated them. I fell for the reviews online and reveiws on youtube and I do not regret this purchase at all. I will say the first 10 minutes isn't the best for myself. It is a fire (of logs and melting plastic) and this weird "perfumey" essence... then I get the hints of cardamom, incense and frankincense mingling as the fire falls into the background. It turns into a pleasant smokey scent with some cedar, woody notes and finally the amber to add some sweetness. Overall this is a solid thumbs up but I would TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this one. I find this to be a true unisex early on but as it dries I feel it leans masculine. Also, it is a winter fragrance IMO and a casual scent or something for the weekends. Enjoy!
16th June, 2017
It’s funny how sometimes it’s the fragrances you love and wear the most are the ones you never bother to write about. I’m on my second bottle of this elegant woods and resins concoction, and yet now when I sit down to put pen to paper, I realize I’ve never really analyzed the notes. La Fumée performs quietly in the background of your day, like smoke from incense or oud embedded in the fabric of your clothes. It starts off on a greenish frankincense note, like crushed pine needles, pepper, and lemons, and that fresh, masculine vibe continues for much of the scent.

Wafting in and out of the composition is a light smoke note from a combination of the cade and birch tar, but there is also a dry labdanum in the mix, performing its teetering act between tinder-dry paper that’s about to catch fire and liquid tar. Creamy sandalwood takes over from the piney, terpenic facets of the frankincense, nudging the scent into a faintly sweet-and-sour sweat direction. But none of that describes how easy this scent is to wear, or how pleasurable in its humming-in-the-background way. Whereas other resin scents hit you over the head, this one wears like an elegant, transparent veil that exists only at the corner of your field of vision. It’s small but perfectly formed.
08th December, 2016
The amber / incense / smoke notes are right up my alley, the scent is discrete, which is convenient for the office, yet longevity is quite good. I wear it everyday at the office these days.
11th October, 2016
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Incense with a touch of dry herbs, smoke, & the subtle sweetness of amber way in the background. After a couple of hours I get something softly leathery & animalic, but otherwise this is a linear fragrance on me, fading out after around ten hours.
This puts me in mind of a softer, quieter, more smooth-edged version of Goutal's Encens Flamboyant. Very nice, but since I own a bottle of the Goutal, I won't be needing to buy.
31st May, 2016
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United Kingdom
i got a sample of this as the note pyramid shouts to me. I LOVE smoky incense frags, (RBR Embers is my favourite) and really had high expectations for this.
the fragrance itself isnt bad, not at all. it is pleasant, and hits at the notes, but from a distance. Id have liked the smoky notes to really zing, and that basenote of smoky accords to beat away, but alas, its mediocre to me.
sillage is appaling on me, becomes a skin scent way way to quickly, which is a great shame.
shame, but then i cant like everything!
03rd June, 2015
Miller Harris La Fumee is a flamboyant spicy-oriental honeyed concoction evocative about a bunch of smokey-sugary resinous aromas out there (Tom Ford Sahara Noir, Reminiscence Noir, Oud Pour Lui Alyssa Ashley, Shams Memo, Etro Messe de Minuit, partially Nasomatto Pardon, Lutens Chene and By Kilian Incense Oud jump easily on mind for several of their characteristics). I detect by soon a dominant frankincense, plenty of dried spicy fruits ( the burnt sugar typical vibe), woods, woodsy resins and amber. The first incensey blast is wet, misty, piquant, dusty-intoxicating, hesperidic and herbal aromatic (vaguely conjuring the Lancetti IL's top notes). Along the central stage the hesperidic wetness recedes and the sugary-spicy resins jump on the stage so smokey and honeyed. I detect a basic muskiness and a plain cedary accord. A warm, luxurious, mysterious and erotic take on resins by Miller Harris.
11th April, 2015 (last edited: 12th April, 2015)
A really very beautiful... smoky, creamy and evocative scent.

La Fumée has really really impressed me. I love the note of Amber generally in fragrances, I think it smells amazing on skin. I also love Sandalwood for the same reasons. La Fumée has both in great quantities. The result here is nothing short of sublime.

The fragrance is centred around incense, the main note from which it derives it's name meaning "the smoke". In fact, knowing that the word "perfume" itself comes from the Latin "per fumare" or "through the smoke". I find the naming of this perfume incredibly apt and very fitting.

The central note of Frankincense is joined by dry Papyrus and sweet Elemi Resin, backed up by Coriander, Caraway and Cardamom. It's incredibly exotic and very evocative. The other main player here is the Labdanum, which is a component of Amber in most fragrances, and this is a soft, sweet smell which combines with creamy Indian Sandalwood to create a gorgeous effect on warm skin. This fragrance is dry but sweet, and this is a great combination, as it is not cloying like most other perfumes. It's very wearable and at almost any time of year.

I see this as a fantastic creation from perfumer Lyn Harris. Warm, dry and soft, yet sweet at the same time. It has an Eastern vibe which recalls the incense used in spiritual rituals but also the sweet amber and herbs which play really well on skin to make it very warm and inviting. I think the person wearing this would be very approachable, mysterious and sensual.

In short, I cannot recommend this highly enough. A highly well made creation and one certainly worthy of it's price.
05th September, 2014
Smoky incense with woods and birch make this smell very masculine and smoky. Some spices and a citrus like aromas add to the smoky masculine character of this fragrance.

The incense gives the scent a slight sweet sour sweat like note. Add this to the smoky spicy woods and you have a scent for a man's man.

Very good scent for a man to wear. Thumbs up from me!
11th June, 2014

If you like frankincense then you will love this, it smells like mass at a catholic church. Not what I would personally wear, but I guess you might attract ex-convent girls with it...

Pros: Pure unadulterated frankincense
Cons: heavy duty"

10th July, 2013
oily incense and tobacco oud, very low sillage and duration
03rd July, 2013 (last edited: 30th April, 2015)
Big hit of burning incense up front - the first time I wore this I got Tibetan Buddhist style with some appropriately funky woods and burnt resins, but now it's Orthodox Church frankincense and myrrh with a hit of burning pine. I found an odd sweetness first time out but it hasn't reappeared: now I get fragrant gum, the smell of Bay laurel in flower, burning resins - Greek Church all the way - until the drydown of spices and warm labdanum. While Avignon - the comparison is inevitable - is a High Mass in winter, La Fumee is a summer saint's day on a Greek hillside in summer when the priest brings the censer outside and the smoke billows out over the sun-warmed cistus, thyme and sage. I'm glad I persisted with this one as it is rather amazing.
17th March, 2013 (last edited: 11th May, 2013)
I find this to be a charming, dry sandalwood scent. Yet, I only give it a neutral rating. Here's why.
A scent called La Fumee should be smoky! A scent which promises a lot of incense should deliver those notes in a mysterious and haunting way.
This is a fairly safe, amiable and restrained woody scent. There are some slightly sweet spices at the beginning, and then a creamy-woody sandalwood note becomes the centre of attraction. Props to it for being dry and classy, marks deducted for not delivering on its promise.
There's no wow-factor here for me.
02nd August, 2012
Not the acrid campfire, incense or tobacco of most other smoky scents - instead it's hot, dry woods, so steaming hot they're just about to catch fire. There's an almost citrusy zest to the fragrance too - no idea which note that might be. It's almost sour-sweet, in a way that reminds me a bit of immortelle - not a favourite note of mine. It only shows up in the bend of my arm - on my wrist the fragrance stays lovely: smoky and dry - but it's enough to semi-ruin the scent for me and make me give it a neutral rating.
30th July, 2012
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Intensely evocative fragrance, makes me travel from an autumnal garden where leaves are burnt to a High Church service mystically shrouded in clouds of incense smoke. A hint of the Orient somewhere, balmy and warm.
Smoke is captured well and it does stay from beginning till the end. Sensual and festive, almost Proustian, if you replace the Madelaines with a smoking fireplace.
It is something I would wear in the afternoon or evening, more masculine than feminine, more holy and outdoorsy than boudoir. Synaesthesia at work every time I sniff it, it is definitely takes me on a journey!
10th June, 2012 (last edited: 22nd June, 2012)