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Neutral Reviews of Apparition Wild Orange by Ungaro

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This is the most impulsive fragrance purchase I have ever made - sprayed it on the test strip and bought it before I walked out the door! That may have been a mistake. (ya THINK?) Now, after four wearings, all I can smell is orange pudding cake. The citrus doesn;t start off too bright to begin with and just gets sweeter and more cloyin as the day wears on.

On the other hand, one of my fifth graders came up behind me the other day and said, "Mr. P, I really like how you smell!" boyfriend likes it. (sigh) So, I guess I'll keep it and wear it occasionally. There must have been enough that I liked about it to have prompted such an impulsive purchase. I'll just find that and dwell on it when the sticky orange cake starts to take over.
08th September, 2012