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Positive Reviews of 17/17 Richwood by Xerjoff

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Xerjoff Richwood is about sandalwood... complex, beautiful and sophisticated sandalwood

The opening is an aperitif of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin designed to open your appetite for the main course... a rich sandalwood that comes accompanied by rose and iris . This union of wood and, perfectly balanced contrasting floras, takes you deep into a sun-warmed, dew drenched forest.

Richwood never gets to be distasteful on your palate. A creamy deep patchouli third serving settles the main course, making sure indigestion does not make it into the menu. It is in this marriage of Sandalwood and patchouli where Richwood stays the longest, comforting you for hours until, very slowly, labdanum and vanilla fade those two notes into the background.

I sampled it at Harrods, London and I was immediately transported to Hampstead woods. I bought the full bottle without hesitation. Richwood is a luxurious, indulgent and sophisticated experience, a beautiful piece of perfumery with Excellent longevity, projection and sillage
16th May, 2014
Very good! But this fragrance initially is identical to MFK Lumiere noire pour homme. This is now a mainstay in my collection.
26th February, 2013 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
OK, yes, I know, please don't point out this fragrance's pyramid to me again. I am well aware of my olfactory shortcomings. I smell what I smell.
This is a sweet cooking spice oriental which would be all too straight down the middle of Broadway and supremely unexceptional but is redeemed by an oud-like something which colors the whole affair with a little mystery and edge and gives it interest it wouldn't otherwise have. That said, it's still a little too "bandaid" for my tastes. Smells artfully put together. But a cooking spice oriental with oud-like pretensions? So not my kind of thing. Magic carpet riders only. Don't forget your turban.....or your money purse.
03rd March, 2012
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