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Reviews of VÍpres Siciliennes by MDCI

A polite, but generic-smelling fruity floral that reads more as a white floral than anything. Relative sheer citrus notes hover above an expected soft vanilla base, and thereís a soapy feel that builds on the freshness. Itís a tad spicy and warm at first, but then it strikes a pleasing balance between fresh and comforting. Generic and dated-smelling, itís pretty much dead after about 20 minutes.
08th June, 2015
This is my favorite of the outstanding MDCI line, which apart from the mystifyingly dull Ambre Topkapi has yet to release a fragrance that is less than exceptional. VÍpres Siciliennes is an airy, slightly sweet floral with surprising heft and complexity, clearly made with outstanding raw materials. I've been wearing it for years and still find a new facet each time I smell it: the smoothly effortless rotation between fruity, floral, and woody notes is truly amazing. Beautiful, unique stuff.
22nd March, 2014
Despite 22 ingredients, it disappears after 30 minutes and the only effect is of a light version of ANGEL - sweet berries. A washout in my opinion.
17th July, 2012
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