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Positive Reviews of L'Agent Eau Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

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I just received samples of the 3 new Eau AP fragrances. I really like the Eau L'Agent as it does smell like a lighter version of the original L'Agent. The intial spray is quite strong but the dry down is lovely.
21st June, 2012
I didn't expect to like this but it's just great. Off the top it's spicy and peachy but very light. The bergamot and mandarin seem to play supporting roles, they're not strong or distinct but work together to stop the peach from being heavy or sweet. I detect a lighter freshness to the syrupy sweet of the peach which is probably the melon but none of the reported apple. There's a definite white floral bouquet which develops the longer the scent sits on the skin. At first it is dominated by the magnolia and is very clear with great projection. The other more sensual flowers to come out slowly but they serve to create an impression of something deeper without it becoming at all old ladyish as many people complained about the original. The whole project warms considerably and then mellows over about 4 hours. At the four hour mark I thought it had died completely but no - there is more! It has almost no projection but right against the skin it leaves the most wonderful sweet and dark amber which just a suggestion of flowers. It's absolutely divine and not at all foody and continues for another 2-3 hours. Overall this is a wonderful summer scent - its mature and complex but not so heady that you can't wear it in July. Definitely FBW.
01st June, 2012