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    I will be somewhat in the minority here when I say this is one of my favorite scents, hands down. Other posters are correct when they point out the lack of oud. While there is a light medicinal quality initially, that quickly fades leaving very light oud with predominate vanilla-amber, accented with some spice. The vanilla is soft and luxurious, but never cloying. Sillage is good and longevity amazing (on me at least).

    It took me a couple wearings to appreciate this one, but I dont think I will ever be without a bottle.

    23 February, 2013

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    I love sweets, but there are times I would trade one of those stylized, mouthwatering desserts made from the kitchen full of component parts for a perfect croissant.

    Plug-in whatever other $300+ perfume for the dessert, Amber Oud is the croissant. Forget that it costs the price of a ticket to Paris to get said ideal croissant, Amber Oud is the perfect combination, the ideal calibration of amber and oud (big amber, little oud) that makes me want to sniff myself all day. A croissant is the product of superb quality simple ingredients, understanding of the role of the ingredients and skill. All the bad croissants in the world tell you that simple doesn't mean easy. Ditto for AO. The problem is the price and my lust for more perfume. If I could afford Amber Oud I first have to make the Odyssey across the following dessert courses:

    Histoires de Parfum: 1804, Petroleum and Noir Patchouli
    Parfumerie Generale: Cuir d’Iris, Felania and Tubereuse Couture
    Andy Tauer: Loretta, Carillon pour un Ange and l’Air du Désert Marocain
    The entire line of les Nereides

    None of these choices is slumming it. It's not as though I'd be taking a loaf of Wonder Bread instead of the croissant.

    Set against this competition AO wouldn't stand a chance.

    11th December, 2012

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    Well, they got the name right. This is amber with a capital "A". And oud with a not so capital "o". The amber here is "killer" and yes you can take that in more than one way. It is a big impressive almost textbook amber. The bezoin is quite prominent and gives it that distinctive benzoin chocolatiness. The chocolate is something personally I've never had too much affection for, but it's not too obnoxious here. This big bold amber with oud needs a little more dynamism or three-dimensionality or something. Amber it's got.

    02 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th April, 2013)

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    Amber oud starts of with a prominent benzoin note, a sweet one given the presence of vanilla mixed with a rich aspect of amber giving some depth to this particular fragrance. Through time the benzoin decays a little bit leaving space to the amber/vanilla accord, a very warm combination if I may say.

    The problem is: where's oud in this one? Where's the animalic quality that Kilian mentioned in the description of this fragrance? It is just not here, the mimetic effect they tried to create in this fragrance combining different ingredients to simulate the oud smell just does not work, but hey, this isn't bad at all!

    I, myself find this a good point since I'm not a oud fan but for those who pick up this particular fragrance just by the name may be disappointed.
    Anyway, a very good smelling fragrance that stays close to the skin. Sadly it is too pricey for what it delivers (but I will still give this one a thumbs up)

    06 April, 2012

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    I really like this scent a lot but for the price I'm definitely not going to be buying a bottle.
    It just doesn't seem versatile enough.
    I'm giving it a thumbs up regardless.

    Amber Oud is very familiar but different, but it without a doubt gives the impression of a classic fragrance.
    It starts of with a heavy, smokey wood that gives it sort of a boozy feel, with quite a bit of amber. Its also a bit powdery with some vanilla and tobacco. not getting any bay leaf.
    as it dries down the woods fade away and the powder and vanilla become more prominent, a hint of moss or something green also seems to peeks out.
    A few hours later the powdery almost floral like scent dies down and your left with a very smooth vanilla and amber.
    I really like the way this fragrance smells after about 4 hours.

    Over all a really nice scent, albeit a little too "mature" for my taste. but like I said before I doubt I'll be adding a full bottle of this to my collection.

    27 February, 2012

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    I really like this one it starts with amber and vanilla with a woody spicy vibe as i waited a couple hours it smelled similar to Musc Ravageur but a little more creamier if that makes sense. But in the end it dries down to a woody creamy oud scent. I like it another great scent by By Kilian,they never fail to impress me.

    20th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2012)

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