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Overpowering even with a small daub. Nice spice scent, but wow...I could smell nothing else but This scent all day
16th May, 2016
Prunes. Fruitcake. Mincemeat pie. Rum. Candied citrus peel. This registers as gourmand. Red wine note, or fermented grapes. Honeyed labdanum. I like it, but I'm not falling hard for it.
30th June, 2014
This opens with a fermented spicey monster projection. I have tried 10 Slumberhouse frags, and the commonality is that they are all over-poweringly strong. It's like hearing a great tune, but turning up the volume to the is too much. This dried down to a more managable mix.
11th March, 2013
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United Kingdom
An intense Christmas-spice scent, with dark orange, cinnamon, clove and stewed fruits. Great projection and longevity. Avoid spraying on white fabric as it leaves a light green residue. Overall, a bit too close to pot-pourri for me to consider as a personal fragrance. Would be great in winter, with the cap removed and a few reeds stuck in it.
20th January, 2013
Notes: bay leaf, myrrh, labdanum, clay, cola, filbert, hay.

The comparison to Serge Lutens is very true, this is definitely in that style (sweet, powerful, dried-fruit).
The website has a fanciful description, "pralined fur laced in dark red spice" -- and that did not cause me to look forward to the trial in happy anticipation. :(
It is very sweet, intensely sweet, aggressively sweet. It is like dried dates steeped in warm, spicy rum. That may sound attractive to some -- to me, not.
There is a clay-mineral note behind the sweetness.
Very quickly a coumarin note appears to suggest hay and cured tobacco.
The scent gets more interesting as the uber-sweet blitz burns off.
This becomes a very gentleman's club sort of scent: it evokes images of humidors, polished wood furniture, pipe tobacco, old leather books.
Very powerful... and yet I don't find it to have longevity. Essentially done in an hour for me.
Not my style, but more problematic for me was the relentlessly sweet opening.
04th October, 2012