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    I grew up hating patchouli incense so for anyone worried-- this scent is sooo much more beautiful and feminine than regular patchouli! The gentleness of vanilla makes it wearable, and the scent lasts forever lol you only need 1 spray.

    21st January, 2013

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    Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson is a real, big surprise. I'm a fan of patchouli and I adore its scent, however I hadn't managed to find a well-done patchouli fragrance that wasn't niche or from an upscale, commercialised brand, until now.

    This particular fragrance has everything I love; a rich oriental feel, green earthiness and great intensity. Le Labo's Patchouli 24 is my favourite patchouli fragrance so far, and believe it or not, Fancy Nights reminds me of it. In truth, Fancy Nights is obviously softer and more feminine, however the distinguishable similarities are there.

    The opening top notes are quite rich and bold. Definitely a night fragrance or one you would wear in Winter. First off, I noticed that it smelt a little bit like Prada, yet it was a touch sweeter and minus the amber.

    Towards the heart, Fancy Nights takes a strange turn and becomes increasingly powdery. It created that softness that I often desire when my hard-hitting patchouli fragrances become too much. I like this powdery aspect and it think it works well. It's also likely to attract buyers that aren't usually ones to like heavy orientals or patchouli-based scents.

    The longevity is rather rewarding and the sillage is moderately strong. I'm rather grateful that Jessica Simpson has released this fragrance seeming that it is a rather risky choice. I'm seriously considering buying this fragrance for the up-coming Winter months.

    20th April, 2012

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