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A marginal thumbs up. I was disappointed in the opening, but it has developed nicely. The coffee seems to somewhat cancel out the brightness of the other notes. It might be something I enjoy more with additional wearings now that I know what to expect, but overall I'm torn between neutral and thumbs up.
09th June, 2018
The known vetiverse
Is greatly enriched by this
Silk-smooth masterpiece.
04th May, 2018
Dior's Vetiver is another beauty from the privee line, and like Eau Noire and Mitzah, it is also discontinued. It's green, woody, and dirty, an interesting and arguably middle-of-the-road vetiver take that is both familiar and refined, and probably unusually versatile. This might work as well in formal occasions as it does at the gym, even.

I don't smell any of the purported coffee note, just a woody base that may have something like patchouli or another earthy aspect paired with the vetiver itself.

Performance is good for an EDP, though not a powerhouse.

Frankly, if I were to opt for a fresher vetiver, I would select Roja Vetiver, and if were to opt for a dirtier, woody vetiver, I would choose Chanel Sycomore. Dior Vetiver is somewhere in between. It's difficult to stomach buying at now-discontinued secondary market prices, though, so I'll probably steer clear and just pick up Sycomore at some point in addition to the Roja Vetiver I just acquired.

7 out of 10
06th April, 2016
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Modern and posh, yet classic and minimalistic.

A super clean and sharp vetiver coupled with a hefty dose of citrus rind. A rootier aspect peeks through along with a muted citrus in the dry down of the fragrance which lasts literally days on clothing and hours & hours on skin.

A grail vetiver that I'm sad to see Dior's discontinue.
10th September, 2015
The "Coffee" Vetiver

I find this one very similar to other "modem" interpretations of vetiver fragrances in that the main note is paired with other complimentary accords. In this case it's dark roasted coffee. I find this one quite similar to vetiver fatal by atelier cologne. It's similar in that the vetiver smells dark and "nutty", and almost has a sweet aspect to it.

I'm not sure if this is a "holy grail" of vetiver fragrances but I certainly like it. I think it's unique enough to own. It's just a shame that it's discontinued.
02nd August, 2015
Initial spray gave me a nice blast of citrus and vetiver (quality vetiver). Pretty linear for about an hour or so then you get a coffee hit out of nowhere. Caught me off-guard. Strange mixture but I like this one. 8/10
13th March, 2015
One of the best vetivers I've ever fact, probably one of my favorite scents I own. I don't know how to describe it more in depth, other than to say it's different than any other vetiver I own. So sad it's discontinued.
11th March, 2015
I bought this blind after reading various reviews and I was immediately let down. First, where was this blast of citrus everyone seems to talk about. Citrus scents were my go to for a very long time after some very unfortunate fragrance purchases, so I generally feel confident that I know what citrus smells like in a fragrance. Artek by CDG, for instance…now there’s blast of citrus. If you’re not careful, it’s like walking into a lemonade firehose. Consequently, with my mind closed the way it was when I first sprayed it on, I dismissed it because it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Fast-forward a little bit of time and some considerable fragrance experimentation, I took Vetiver off the shelf and tried it again. My first realization is that I should not have simply expected lemon or bergamot at the beginning. Of course, grapefruit is a citrus as well. With that box checked off, I began to appreciate the peppery note that vacillates through the entire dry down. The constant is that fresh grassy note that reminds me of adolescent visits to my uncle’s farm. It brought back the summer afternoons baling the fresh mown hay and all the other wonderful things that were going on in my life at that time, made me appreciate the beauty of this fragrance and the power of olfaction to evoke memories and emotions. Try as I might, I still cannot find the coffee in this one.

It is a wonderful fragrance to wear at the office, after a workout, on a warm summer day or when I want to kick back on a weekend, put on Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and reminisce.
28th January, 2013 (last edited: 09th February, 2013)
A very nice vetiver from Dior. It feels fairly unadorned and a bit simple, which isn't a complaint (I really believe that the best vetivers are the ones that let it do its own thing). It has a slight citrus smell upon first application, but very quickly settles into a pleasant mix of vetiver and nutmeg. It's nutty and warm and has smelled great in the winter cold. After a few hours, the nutmeg slides almost imperceptively into a mace note, reminiscent of chickory or herbal woody coffee, but the focus is on the vetiver all the way through.

Dior's Vetiver is very well done and quite nice. It's a thumbs up all the way, but I kind of feel like it's just another great vetiver in a large field of similar great vetivers. I suppose we're quite lucky that there are so many great vetivers out there (Sycomore, Guerlain, Givenchy, MPG, etc), but it makes it hard to get THAT excited when another one comes along. I think Dior's nutty warmth will earn it it's share of much-deserved followers, but I personally tend to prefer my vetivers with more character (like Encre Noir's smoky darkness or Le Labo's raunch).
07th January, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The vetiver dominates throughout; it is a bit dirty but on my skin not particularly dark as a touch of citrus accompanies it mainly in the first half. After the beginning a harsh and burnt note is added that is gently mellowing after the first half. It is this nigh-smoky tone - with glimpses of the opening reminding me of Bulgary Black - that adds depth and darkness, not so much the vetiver. In spite of the minimalist design if this composition, their interplay develops complexity, and the blending is very well done indeed. Silage and projection are good, and so is the longevity of five hours. One of Dior's most convincing fragrances of the last decade.
21st December, 2012
Mr. TL Show all reviews
United States
After sampling this fragrance for months, I finally purchased a full bottle and have zero regrets. This fragrance simply makes me feel fresh all day long. It just lasts and lasts with a minimalist vetiver note. What I like most about the scent is actually what most consider a downfall of some fragrances; the lack of scent progression or development. I enjoy the fact I can apply this scent before I go out, and expect the same results 5 minutes, or 60 minutes later. While the sharp citrus opening note does hide after some time, you're still left with a very fresh and bright green note throughout the day. I really think this is a fragrance for everyone who loves vetiver to sample. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
01st December, 2012 (last edited: 05th December, 2012)
Vétiver’s grapefruit topnote is sharp as an unsheathed knife; its base of caramel and fudge (i.e. more tonka than the officially listed coffee) a sweet plea to let your guard down. The vetiver itself sings clearly throughout François Demachy’s simple, alluring scent and it easily secures a spot on an already crowded pinnacle.
06th September, 2012
This absolutely deserves more praise than it gets, and while it may not stand out as much as some of the fragrances in the La Collection Privee, it has to be one of the most pleasing,calming, and refined.

Dior's take is actually a perfect starting Vetiver, it took a note I didn't believe I liked and reduced it to a minimal composition, which really lets you appreciate the note. If you check their site you will see they list the notes as grapefruit, vetiver, and coffee. There is a definite citrus mini-blast in the beginning that stays in the background through the whole trip, but the coffee is nowhere to be found until you realize this is why Vetiver feels so smooth. The coffee isn't there as a separate note per say, but to support the vetiver and smooth out the rough edges that are typically there. This is what makes it so perfect.
12th June, 2012
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Dior's interpretation of vetiver is essential, fresh, minimalistic, no-surprise and leaves vetiver to speak by itself. Opens with a zingy green citrus accord and evolves into an incredibly satisfying, high-quality multi-facets woody/earthy/rooty vetiver with a nice projection and a good lasting power. An incredibly simple composition that sounds more like a tribute to this fascinating root.

I still prefer the complexity of Sycomore or the green edges of Vetiver Extraordinaire, but Dior Vetiver is surely another great high-end vetiver to add to my list of favorites.
25th February, 2012