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A burst of lilac that initially reminded me of muguet before I had a look at the ingredients list, then civet, though light and pleasant. My nose cannot detect the other notes. This is very much an old fashioned scent and one that is quite sedate. I would not label it feminine, but it is hardly unisex. It has a somewhat dry leathery dry down that is again pleasant without being singular or outstanding in any way.

For me the look of the dark liquid in the classic bottle with the original label (Paris de Coty) in gold are worth more aesthetically than the contents.

Still, it is a positive response, as it has its integrity and smells like nothing else in my experience. This is based on a bottle of vintage edt.
01st November, 2013
I have a sample of vintage "parfum" . I get mostly powdered violets on my skin. I know...I see that violets is not on the list of notes. I can construe this a lilacs then: Sweet 'purple' floral. It's constrained/delivered in a classic structure. Aldehydes deliver a this-is-perfume! message and the basenotes underwrite the flowers with soft skin muskiness. After the violets/lilacs fade out, there is a bit of anonymous rose-carnation to it.
Overall very discreet, very traditional, very lady like. You might get out your white gloves. NO ADVENTURE!
19th April, 2013
In the beginning it's all Lilac, Carnation and Rose for me. Then, in the dry down, the more anilmalic notes start to emerge. Not a big fan of florals, it's the fact that the florals have that past-their-prime feel with animalic undertones that add the drama that saves it for me. I can imagine that this must have been as unusual as Serge Lutens' Tubereuse Crimminelle when it came out in the 1920's. This is definitely rich, heavily floral, and of its time, but I love to wear this in the first warm days of spring as I trim the Jasmine in my yard. Intoxicating!
19th February, 2013
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This is a beautiful floral scent, quite different from most. I don't get the aldehydes or the carnation, but everything else listed is coming through. I have the eau de toilette, which is usually rather strong in a very old scent, but not this one. It is light, zero sillage and 30 minutes later, I have to literally press my wrist into my nose to smell it. What a shame! I may try for a stronger version as it is really a captivating loveliness.
24th July, 2012