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Neutral Reviews of Paris by Coty

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I have a sample of vintage "parfum" . I get mostly powdered violets on my skin. I know...I see that violets is not on the list of notes. I can construe this a lilacs then: Sweet 'purple' floral. It's constrained/delivered in a classic structure. Aldehydes deliver a this-is-perfume! message and the basenotes underwrite the flowers with soft skin muskiness. After the violets/lilacs fade out, there is a bit of anonymous rose-carnation to it.
Overall very discreet, very traditional, very lady like. You might get out your white gloves. NO ADVENTURE!
19th April, 2013
This is a beautiful floral scent, quite different from most. I don't get the aldehydes or the carnation, but everything else listed is coming through. I have the eau de toilette, which is usually rather strong in a very old scent, but not this one. It is light, zero sillage and 30 minutes later, I have to literally press my wrist into my nose to smell it. What a shame! I may try for a stronger version as it is really a captivating loveliness.
24th July, 2012