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Positive Reviews of Yuzu & Coco by Gorilla Perfume

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Do you know what orangettes are? Confit orange skin (in sugar syrup) coated in dark chocolate. This is it. Very very very gourmand.
13th November, 2017
I stand stubbornly by Lush in spite of the fad-like hipster aura surrounding them. Their products have a lot to do with why I began practicing perfumery, and stand in a class all their own. Some rely on gimmicks, but others are genuinely original and well made.
Yuzu and Cocoa sounded like a mistake to me, but after using a sample of the body wash, it started to grow on me. It was available in the Lush Kitchen so I jumped at the chance.
It doesn't list Yuzu on the ingredients list so I imagine that the yuzu note is due to a combination of synthetics and the listed essential oils (bergamot, grapefruit). It opens juicy and tart, with creamy coconut that is suggestive of those cheap tree-shaped car air fresheners. There's something incenselike about it, too.The cocoa is short lived, but the tart citrus and coconut linger on for 4-5 hours.
This is whimsical, true, but it smacks of summertime, beaches, and the kinds of expensive tropical vacations that I can't afford. I love it anyway.
17th February, 2017