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Positive Reviews of The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

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I'm surprised at some of the negative reviews. I find this scent to be clean and refreshing, as does my wife. As for it being a scent for the younger part of the fragrance market, we're both 57. This works well for my body chemistry. It has a wonderful draw-down and lasts all day. Though I can RARELY smell whatever scent I wear at the end of the day, my wife has no problem and loves it. Your mileage may vary.

A welcome break from the Calvin Klein Euphoria that I've been wearing for the last year.

5 hours into my day, it still smells wonderful, woodsy, cedar-y, musky and fresh. Love it.
13th October, 2014
I don't know what people are talking about..i recently bought this scent and i am getting a good 4-6 hrs of longevity and then it sticks close to skin..and that is normal for a designer cologne.Also the smell is really pleasing thats why i bought it even after reading all the reviews...
Just go for it or get a sample and try it once you won't regret.
07th October, 2014
I too prefer this one of the original "one".

Fresh, sporty, somewhat floral in the opening, then an awesome dry down.

Lasts much longer on me than the brown juice.

Somewhat generic, but I enjoy this each time I wear it. Good from spring to fall, just not much in the winter.
04th August, 2014
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I actually found that I preferred this to The One original, which I liked but which seemed to me more nutmeg-heavy than anything else. But maybe I wanted more of a spicy musk, and I liked the patchouli on the dry-down with this one. Good warm weather sporty fragrance. The sillage seems just fine to me. It's a long-lasting scent with modest projection. In fact, as with most D&G fragrances in my opinion, one should be careful not to over-apply, so as not to asphyxiate those around you, especially in an office setting. Worth a try.
29th March, 2014
Thumbs up for 'The One Sport' - Dolce & Gabbana

I went to the store and wanted to try dolce & gabbana's 'the One' - out of mistake I tried 'Sport' and fell in love with it. It is light and slightly fresh (thus the aquatic notes) but at the same time slightly sweet. But not in a Tom Ford kind of sweet, but in a more gentle way.

I loved it ever since.
13th February, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i got a steal. the 8ml bottle for 4 bucks and i have been liking it very much so. the pyramidis quite misleading cardamon or patchouli but a nice overdose of aquatics and a nice musk background. this is the standout from the "one"series. don't put it off because of the other 2 frags,very nice and safe summer scent.
01st May, 2013
The One Sport.. I love to play..!!

Guys - the relatively new fragrance by Dolce is fantastic..!! The One Sport opens with aquatic and citrus notes then settles down with notes of floral, musk, powder, and spice - Nice blend of notes that is easy on the nose.. Well done Dolce and Gabbana..!!

All of you know I am a fan of the aquatic citrus fragrances - having said this, I believe One Sport offers great flexibility and versatility that it can be worn during any season, for any occasion, and day or night... Probably marketed more for the younger crowd - but us 40+ old guys that can't let go of our 30s (and 20s) can wear this too..!! We have all the money (and the women)..!!

Today was actually my first day wearing the scent and a (female) co-worker after walking in my office says, "gee, it smells great in here..!!" I responded with - "it is probably the air freshener over on the credenza", but no - it turns out it was me and One Sport. The bizarre thing is - I had given up on the fragrance still being detectable some two hours earlier. It was still working and The Wow Factor made its presence known.. It has potential..!! I would prefer the projection and sillage to be better, but it is average as well as the longevity. Sure, there are better performers out there, but this juice is good...

The bottle and packaging are first class - no surprises from Dolce.. I am especially fond of the clear bottle and clarity of the juice - nicely done..

The pricing and value could be better... Yes, the price is dropping and you are buying a (great) Dolce fragrance, but I have been spoiled with buying fragrances at a discount.. Yes, I may have the money, but do enjoy that good buy at a "sale price"...

All things considered, I give One Sport 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. The fragrance is pleasant and you will like it immediately. While it has potential Wow Factor, it is early or shortly after the initial application. Great juice, but needs just a little more longevity/projection/sillage for the money. If the price continues falling, perhaps to below $50.00, definitely buy.. Imagine and Dream..!!
12th January, 2013
Nowadays, there are so many new fragrances coming out and so many are emulations of what has all ready been; it's truly a challenge to find something truly interesting that truly stands out.
Well "The One" Sport version is truly not it.
That being said, what it IS is quite good. It's a citrusy aquatic with a touch of earthy patchouli in the base. Very moderate sillage, close to the skin on drydown. It's very crisp and clean with just enough of a stand-out quality (it's that dash of patchouli!) to separate it from the legions of mediocre aquatics. Enough with the aquatics all ready! They've been done to death.
D & G (not to be confused with P&G!) produce consistently excellent fragrances for reasonable prices. That they discontinued BY for Men is something of a mystery, for it was certainly one of their best...Anyways:
The One Sport may not be the most exciting fragrance ever made. It's kind of a throwback to the mens fragrances of the 50's and 60's. They were quiet but classic. Designed to make a man smell great, stand out but not call undue attention to himself. The One Sport is something you could wear anytime or anyplace. Spray, spritz, splash with abandon. I may just get myself a bottle.
03rd January, 2013
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
I received a sample of this and gave it to my fiance to try. I loved it on him and wanted to attack him whenever he wore it. I tried smelling a bunch of other dept. store men's fragrances and didn't like anything else as much as this so I bought him the Holiday set (large and small bottle for $85).

I don't agree with the reviews of poor sillage on this. He puts one spray on his chest in the morning and it's pretty strong when I'm close to him during the day. But when we lay down at night I love to bury my face in his chest and smell him. By then the scent is softer and a nice spicy woodsy with some roundness from the patchouli and musk. I'm not particularly a fan of other aquatics but I do like it in this blend.
02nd October, 2012
I have some agreement and some disagreement with the first two reviews.

AGREED: It is an aquatic; it is "light" and "fresh".

DISAGREED: Poor longevity.

I am not a scientist and I do not know the technical terms for the phenomenon where the scent of a fragrance is lost to the wearer, but remains - sometimes quite well - for others. Yet we all know what I am writing about. Well, THIS fragrance displays that characteristic. I bought a bottle of this based largely "the smell". Simply, subjectively, it is a very pleasant "smell". It is not offensive, it is not overly strong. It is something of a cross between D & G Light Blue Pour Homme and Allure Sport COLOGNE SPORT (nowhere near as strong as that one). It is something one can wear when they must be around others who may not care for colognes at all, eg, AT WORK. I have worn this to work (the operating room, including preop holding [RNs galore], the OR, and recovery room). I have had more complements from the ladies than for anything else I wear, except for Terre d'Hermes. And they are complementary to the point of actually asking me to write down the name of the fragrance, as if to enable them to get it for their guy. While subtle, that request from a lady surpasses the polite, semi-flirtaceous "Oh, you smell nice..."

Importantly, I apply maybe 3-4 sprays at 5:30 am and these complements / requests are coming from the ladies by as late as 11 am. And I will readily admit that I myself have lost the fragrance by 7 am.

So this clearly is a case of a fragrance the scent of which is lost to the wearer relatively quickly BUT which remains noticeable to others for a much longer time.
20th April, 2012