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Neutral Reviews of Casbah by Robert Piguet

Heavily spiced creations can be too much for me, even in cold weather. It’s their dusty, pungent, staleness that becomes too great a weight to be carrying around. Combining heavy floral notes with spices is sometimes redemptive in a knock-out way, more often it just envelopes the wearer in a miasma.
Casbah takes a different route and I was surprised at how much I liked it when I first smelled it on a card. On my skin it quickly scattered pepper and nutmeg but with a green marigold-like vibrancy that complemented and lifted the spices. The incense is not smoky, but sharp. The iris provides a vegetal cushion. Were it not for the overall dryness, this would convey a spice forest mood, one I could quite happily visit from time to time. In its animation and its array of sharp notes it offers a different turn to the spice route.
However, flattens considerably after a couple of hours into a subdued, almost floury, nutmeg which is a bit of a yawn.
14th December, 2012
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United Kingdom
Marrakesh in a bottle. Very spicy -- bit of a nose botherer.
15th August, 2012