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Piguet Bois Noir has an almost mystic-hypnotic "fragrant" (darkly boise) opening and (unfortunately) a more materialistic woody-synthetic dry down. I detect olfactory points of "junction" with scents as Armani Cuir Noir (darkly woodsy, resinous and mystic too but more leather oriented of course), Acampora Nero (less synthetic and sharper), Les Liquides Imaginaires Fortis, Aqua di Parma Leather (just for several of its facets), Dior Leather Oud (finally more leathery-animalic and less properly boise) and more, anyway in Bois Noir is specifically a dark boise vibe (and a synthetic resinous woodiness) to be clearly dominant. The opening is effectively darkly compelling, immediately woodsy, aromatic, silky-leathery (just a touch) and velvety with a dominant influence provided by cipriol oil, fir resins, labdanum, dark woods (patchouli in particular) and cistus absolute (a touch of frankincense too??) while the dry down (still suede veined and not far away in the evolution process) projects a more dominant agarwood resin-cedarwood centered (synthetic) woodiness nowadays almost common and overly "beated". Along this final stage some banzoin balm seems to come up with its soothing vanillic effect which slightly veils the minimal suede support arousing a more boring common obscure woody balminess. Anyway, a nice juice probably too much expensive for its real value. I prefer far more Casbah of the same line and anyway seem so far the times in which the Piguet's performances used having names like Bandit, Futur or Cravache.
03rd November, 2014
Dark woody stuff turning during the drydown into a woody-incensey thing vaguely reminescent of some of the Duchaufour's works. That's it. If you like sharp (yet not overpowering) woody frags, go ahead. Smells ok but reminds me of 55 thousands other compositions available of the market. Sort of Montale-ish type of woods + some incense.
10th February, 2013
Straight-down-the-middle woody, which balances sharp, dry notes with sweeter aspects nicely, and has a natural feel. Unfortunately that’s all there is to it. Still, it’s a relief to come across a woody perfume these days and be reminded more of the real thing rather than the nostril-drying super aromachemicals so frequently encountered. Bois Noir could be comfortable everyday wear for the unadventurous and is probably safe to wear on a flight, but for those of us who seek the furthest vistas of perfumery’s horizon, there’s bound to be a ‘so what?’ moment pretty soon. A lovely wooden chest, but don’t go seeking the mystique promised by the ‘noir’ appellation. Wears light but perceptible.
26th October, 2012
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United Kingdom
Nice enough, but smells derivative. No urge to purchase on that basis.
15th August, 2012