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Neutral Reviews of Ambrarem by Histoires de Parfums

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There was a really big hype about this fragrance on youtube and I was dying to test this out.
Finally yesterday my samples arrived and tested it on my skin.
The opening is a sweet and strong floral scent with some leather (petroleum like) in the background.
The floral note is saffron at the start but saffron fades away slowly and give her space to the powdery iris.
You can smell both anyway, but saffron was stronger at the opening but in the dry down both are at the same power level.
The leather note smell like modern leather based fragrances such as "TF Tuscan Leather" and it's always in the background. you can smell it easily but it's not in front and bold.
I can't smell any oud or animalic notes at all.
The scent gets a little darker and a little more leathery smoky in the mid, but again it's floral notes (specially powdery iris) that dominating.
In the base I can smell a sweet ambery/vanilla scent with leather, iris and saffron all in the background.
This fragrance kind of remind me of "Tom Ford for Men Extreme" specially in the base so if you like that, you may like this one too.
Projection is very good and longevity is around 12 hours on my skin.
A solid fragrance but something that I've smelt before. there is nothing new or unique about it at all.
06th February, 2014 (last edited: 27th May, 2014)
Wearing Ambrarem Histoires de Parfums i soon detect a weird animalic amber/iris really peppery, herbal, earthy/medicinal and aromatic with a "sweet-salty" spark. The first impression is bewildering, wet, vaguely medicinal, and soon animalic, i detect indeed by soon the amber/castoreum accord yet rising from the back but it is humid (rooty/earthy and wet because of the elemi/iris/watery saltiness influence i suppose), highly spicy aromatic due to the effect from the saffron and really peppery for at least a couple of hours. The rooty/peppery vibe holds on woodsy and "fur type" till when a botanic iris starts to emerge spicy/aromatic , earthy/rooty and with a deep dusty aroma that is in my opinion aroused by the interaction of sandalwood, animalic notes, pepper and saffron. Some balsams tend to soften the following development (in a well balanced and absolutely never cloying way in my opinion) that projects finally out a really particular type of amber/iris which holds on surprisingly till the end to be spicy/rooty and botanic and that becomes leathery and woody surrounded by an aromatic and alchemic medicinal (veguely ozonic) saffron. An almost unique iris/amber/oud accord introducing (though in a different way---aoud/saffron/resins/salt rather than aoud-gasoline) also some trails of that weird mineral/leathery/medicinal feel that we enjoyed in Petroleum. I prefer the full and experimental Petroleum's performance even if this issue deserves a lot of interest as a new particular take on a nowadays classic amber/oud accord.
10th February, 2013 (last edited: 11th February, 2013)
Sweet powdery gasoline mixed with a vegetal vanilla pretty much sums up my impression after several full wearings of Ambrarem. I so want to give this a thumbs up not just because HdP is one of my fav houses but also because Ambrarem is actually a truly creative and well done fragrance, yet at the same time it seems as though it was created to appear especially synthetic, thus giving it a somewhat hollow and emotionless presence. It seems less a work of art and more a "presentation" in bizarre boldness. I admire its originality and it's oddly easy to wear, yet I sometimes catch a whiff of it and squiggle my nose in that split second before I remember I'm wearing it. So yes, I don't particularly care for how the scent makes me feel yet I find myself appreciating the originality. It's definitely a polarizing scent, and while I don't consider it an amber fragrance (more like a highly mutated cousin of amber) I still recommend everyone seek out a sample of this release.
17th July, 2012
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Ambrarem enters the world as a bright uplifting slightly sweetish fragrance which contains oud. Considering the fact that both elemi and vanila are used here I'm impressed Ambrarem smells as good as it does. Balance it has. Nothing is too out of hand---the vanila, the elemi. The animalic stuff is quite tame.
Even at the very beginning when Ambrarem is at it's best it never has much of a "wow" factor. It reminds me in tone at least of something like Puredistance "M": not terribly exciting, but well made and user friendly. In a short time Ambrarem moves from "good" to "unexceptional". The oud, never that strong to begin with, starts to fade leaving the nicely balanced rest behind. Unfortunately the nicely balanced rest is like that of a zillion other drydowns. Ambrarem just doesn't compete in any catergory oud or otherwise.

Update April 4 2013

Smells like someone attempted their first pie and messed up the recipe.
Kinda stinks.
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 04th April, 2013)