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Reviews of Curve Appeal Men by Liz Claiborne

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This opens up with a really fizzy watermelon note, backed by some zesty citrus notes. It really reminds me of Cool Water Game's opening plus the overall smell of True Religion (which was a great underrated fragrance with just horrible longevity). Longevity is 4 hours at best on my skin. I paid 6 bucks for a 1 oz bottle, so no complaints about longevity for me. Projection is about average or maybe below, more sprays will get you more noticed with this one. The watermelon note dies off pretty quick, and I'm left with like a cross between Cool Water Game and True Religion. Ironically I loved True Religion, and I loved the opening of Cool Water Game, so Curve Appeal is a winner for me. Is it boring and generic.. to me, yes, because I've smelled a lot of things similar, but not everyone has smelled thousands of fragrances like me, so this could be very unique to you. I have gotten 1 compliment, but the person who complimented it compliments everything I wear, so that doesn't say much.
17th March, 2017
Wouldn't buy it again... But I wanted to try it, so I scooped up really small bottle. It's like walking around in a scratch and sniff light purple sweater, while chewing watermelon bubble gum. Inoffensive, fruity and cheap. It is Curve, and it smells good. Safe gift.
14th February, 2013
Cologne noob here. Stopped at CVS and this was one of the only tester bottles out, and maybe for good reason. It smells pretty damn good, and I'm going to pick it up when the weather is warmer.
06th November, 2012
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Yes...this cologne is very reminiscent of something I've had in the past, but the real beauty of this fragrance is after the top notes take a nap and the heart notes take over. This cologne then goes from fun and flirty to seductivel and inviting, almost laid back.
This is very much under the radar, so if you are a fan of the Curve line or just fresh yet slightly warm (in a summer sand type of way, not a fireplace in winter type), then this is a must try.
One last point- I got this as a "peek-a-boo" blind buy- meaning that I was familiar with Claiborne's Curve line, so I at least knew what ballpark I'd be palying in. I just wasn't sure I would get any hits, but I didn't strike out- I had a good day at the plate and came out with a nice addition to my collection. Late spring to late summer is definitely the time for this one. TRY IT!!
19th May, 2012
Wasn't expecting much from this one and I was pleasantly surprised by the watermelon note. There's a lot of it through the opening and heart with the base turning into a light musk. If your a fan of Cool Water Game, but don't care for the Patchouli drydown this is a fresher version of that. Overall it's not a bad scent to pick up and wear on a hot summer day.
13th May, 2012
Nice summer/spring scent. I don't see much resemblance to the original Curve, but it is still light and fresh. I get lots of watermelon, salty notes, mandarin - not much on the suede, musk or pepper. Overall a good purchase at the local discount store.
02nd May, 2012