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Negative Reviews of Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani

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United States
Waste of $

I purchased this thinking it was going to be a sporty Armani Black Code. I was very wrong. Probably one of my worst blind buys. The opening is a lot of mint, although pleasant and sporty at first the scent disappears instantly. No matter how much you apply, it even gets a little cloying. Even after several multiple sprays 2-3 hours later no one could tell I had any cologne on. There's a lot of other scents worth your money, the smell alone isn't that great.

Pros: Nice mint opening

23rd July, 2013
Received this as a Christmas gift last year and was very disappointed.. Too much lemon and orange, very generic smelling and doesn't last long on me at all. I have to bathe in it.
07th December, 2012
Citrus - ok
Then it gets a bit synthetic. Like laundry detergent or a freshly-ironed shirt.
A cool and rather soul-less scent. Can't find anything attractive or to recommend here.
02nd September, 2012
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The ginger is the key element throughout the evolution on the side of vetiver while citrus and peppermint are soon absolutely plain and cool. The smell goes on linear as a sort of airy ad lemony, slightly soapy-detergent (a touch of amber?), whiff with a background made of vetiver and synthetic calone. Really different from the original formula and a bit too stuck and artificial. Woodsy lime, gingery fizzy cool air, ozonic elements and soap, that's Armani Code Sport, another refreshing after shower for us.
17th April, 2012