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If you take into consideration that a 'sport' scent is not going to last for days nor will it have sillage or project crazily, then you will be ok with the less than stellar performance you get out of this.

While it lasts however, you get a fresh spicy energetic opening with the Code DNA present but not taking center stage. Great for a short event (couple of hours) outdoors with sun. Not a summer scent, not a stiff dressy jus either (that original Code can be sometimes) but somewhere in between.
30th December, 2017
Typical "sport" scent vibe, yet a bit more spicy, tangy and pungent than others in the genre, i.e. Allure Homme Sport Cologne, Dior Homme Sport. The Armani Code dna is there in tiny sniglets, but not in any obvious way.

Armani Code Sport is light, citrus, spicy, and slightly "green" herbal in quality - hinting towards classic vetiver scents. Great for warmer weather and more active occasions. Decent flanker that is pleasant and does the job you'd expect of a "sport" scent.
22nd February, 2017
Ultra sparkling teenage fresh Orange juice

And again the horrible name Sport entered the game.

Well lets turn 180 and make a warmy cozy suede evening scent (Armani Code) into a whole another fragrance (summer day scent) which has nothing to do with the original.

My conclusion : if you wanna smell like fresh oranges peel of skin with a hint of mint?
Buy this ultra casual freshness.

You dont make a statement wearing this.

Long lasting and great sillage and thats a Pro most of this kind of frags are gone in 2-3 hours.

If you want something more "special"buy something like Clinique Happy.

Not worth its pricebut its not bad

Pros: Masterful longevity and huge sillage
Cons: 13 in a dozen scent"

02nd September, 2013
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Nice Generic Sporty Fragrance

I bought the 4.2 oz. bottle because it was the only size available at Macy's at the time.

First: This does NOT smell anything like anything (else) in the Armani Code branch.

This is a very nice mint and citrus fragrance that lasts a long time on my skin.
It seems to be best used in casual situations and I have worn it to scout meetings, on Saturdays and now at work.

The projection is fair and the sillage is close, but anyone coming within range will probably be pleased.

I bought this because I like a lot of Armani fragrances and wanted to pick up a sporty fragrance.

The SA at Macy's said it was specially formulated to project differently on each wearer depending on body chemistry. I thought that was an obvious effect of most fragrances, however this one is supposed to be something a-little-more-special-er (I guess).

It does remind me of Versace pour Homme but sweeter and less synthetic.

I will replenish this one if/when it runs out even though the price is high for this type of fragrance.

It can be worn by anyone of any age but might be best suited for warmer weather.

Pros: Smells good / Lasts a long time
Cons: Not unique"

23rd July, 2013
First, I am not a fan of Armani Code. As a flanker, I'm not sure as to why this frag carries the same name. If you're looking for a sportier version of the original code, I'd look elsewhere. The initial blast from this EDT is very spicy (pepper) and citrusy, this wonderful smell only lasts about an hour. The dry-down, which happens very quickly very sweet, almost bubble gum esque with a hint of pepper and mint. Overall, not worth a hefty price tag but it's a great versatile fragrance. I'd consider this in humid and warmer climates where you'll get more out of the fragrance.
25th July, 2012 (last edited: 15th August, 2012)
As usual Mr. Armani came late but with a decent product. This can be easily seen as a continuation of fresh citrusi spicy mainstream scents pioneered by Dior Homme Sport.

This is a fresh rendition of citrus-spicy notes which is really well crafted and smooth. As others mentioned there is mint in it which gives the whole scent a mellow sense of iciness.

It doesn't have anything in common with Armani Code but the qualities of being well-crafted, sleek and wearable.

Longevity and projection are good.

It gets '8 out of 10'.
22nd July, 2012
I have about a dozen designer fragrances and this one is my favorite. I've just recently started this collection but this one is the only one that has gotten comments from women. This morning I was ordering my Starbucks and the girl behind the counter said "you smell fantastic". That's enough for me, this frag is a keeper!
13th July, 2012
Msr. Jacques Cavallier is the man I love to hate (Issey Miyake Pour Homme) and apparently now, hate to love. Which brings us directly to Armani Code Sport. I thought it was fantastic at first sniff. Unlike anything else out there now. Or Ever. I remember being taken aback at how great I thought it was. Usually you pick up a flanker and expect a leitmotif on the original. Or a lame original you forget about seconds later. Or not much more than a "meh". But this one was unto itself. A fresh take on mint that you don't even realize is mint until you find out it's mint. Then you go, "Oh yeah, that's mint, isn't it!" Imagine putting two sticks of gum in your mouth at the same time. One is Wrigley's Spearmint and the other is Juicy Fruit. Sounds strange, doesn't it? But strangely delicious too, right? That is Armani Code Sport.
Clearly Msr. Cavallier is a perfume talent. His list of creations reveals many excellent scents, and at least three block-busters. One of those is Issey Pour Homme, which was and still is wildly successful. I hated it immediately. I've never had anything make me more nauseated. Ditto on Opium Pour Homme. Insta-Migraine. But he also created Ultraviolet Pour Homme for Paco Rabanne. Another amazing scent that I loved immediately and was shocked that it never went to the Issey PH level of popularity. Sport Code seems to be eliciting a lot of "mehs" too. Well, I can't recommend it enough! Especially for hot weather. Merci Msr. Cavallier. I hate you.
Love, Me
14th March, 2012 (last edited: 28th May, 2012)