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Neutral Reviews of Zen for Men White Heat Edition by Shiseido

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United States
The notes interested me so I picked up a bottle. It has a lightly sweet understated and intoxicating presence to it. Its for men, but can easily be unisex or possibly feminine. It smells like crushed up smarties candies with sharp fruity notes to it. This fragrance plays between perfumy and musky mens cologne scents. It has sharp fruits like apple lime and pears, but is slightly musky at the same time. I enjoy it, but I havent received many compliments on it and since its borderline masculine, its not for everyone. M;O* by masaki matshushima is much better, and has the same crushed up smarties candies presence. Ill wear this again on a hot summer day out in the sun where this will really shine and prove to be a sharply sweet masculine musky scent. On any other day, its borderline feminine. I can imagine this working well with a fresh shower, 5 o'clock shadow and well dressed for a formal night out, but anything else its borderline feminine.
30th December, 2012