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Neutral Reviews of Twilight Woods for Men by Bath and Body Works

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I admit that I love the blast of orange and woods upon application but it's nothing monumental. (Smells like something you'd happen upon in one of the teenie-bopper stores.)

Lacking in staying power--as is the case w/ most B&BW fragrances for men.

Nice fall/winter scent but that's about the only time I remember I have this one.
26th May, 2014
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United States
I tried Twilight Woods for Men, hoping it was more woody than the version marketed for women. It was. For 5 minutes. :) The opening is so nice and piney, a sharp contrast to the fruity-coconutty Twilight Woods for women. But that piney-ness is so short lived. The drydown, which happens fairly quickly, is kinda of peppery incensey. It reminded me of John Varvatos original, but when I compared the two side-by-side, there are some differences, which I am unable to explain in terms of notes.

Twilight Woods for Men is a hell of a lot woodier than the female version. They are entirely different scents, in my opinion. But Twilight Woods for Men is not as misnamed as fruit-bowl Twilight Woods for women.
26th February, 2012