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My wife refers to Blask as ‘the candy perfume’ when I wear it and it does indeed go on sweet, very sweet in fact, but doesn’t ever cloy. It’s a sweetness that comes from beyond honey, vanilla, benzoin or patchouli, as in The Classics. It’s a sweetness that feels organic and seems to float despite its saccharine intensity. The closest reference I can muster to describe this intense sweetness is a very well-aged sauternes desert wine from the Bordeaux region. But that’s a white wine, not red as stated in the official description. But it’s a sweetness that is affable and warm even on a cloudy, cold Dutch morning. That alone makes it worth wearing at least once. The rest of the scent makes it truly compelling.

I don’t know about the reference to oud because I simply don’t smell any. Nor any By Kilian style oud accord sans oud. Maybe it’s a silent partner that has presence rather than visibility. But I do get wood, but not sure if it’s walnut; could be, could be oak, definitely not the cedar that is seemingly ubiquitous these days. It is a warm, sensuous wood that perfectly integrates with the odeur de sauternes. As time passes, the intense sweetness gives way not just to wood, but to a slight acidic sharpness, as you might encounter as the sauternes is being prepared for bottling at its must stage - yes, alfarom's reference is hard to shake! Wow, the net effect is to make this combination quite bright. After 15 minutes on skin, Blask is so bright it feels and smells like it is actually glowing! mahhhvelous stuff
08th December, 2015
With Blask H&G uncork another keeper. I find it such an enticing scent despite accords that sound unappealing. The opening fanfare is a cross between a polished wood floor and that smell that clothes acquire when they have taken too long to dry and have been put away slightly damp. Should be disgusting, but it’s actually quite stimulating.
With greater familiarity, the components of this perfume reveal themselves. There’s bay, which usually scares me because it can be piercing and stale, but here rendered in a lovely green and herbal manner which marries well with the resins and woody notes. There’s a mouth-watering mouldy, wine cellar smell, a scent that is warm, slightly off, but sweetly persistent, botyritic maybe and with that hypnotic quality that only a few other odours possess (ouds for example) – I’ve always fancied wearing something like it all on its own. There’s even candy and flowers in the mix but so fluffy as not to cause offence. And all these elements are placed in such a good balance that wearing Blask feels like a welcome hug by a sexy devil.
But the hug relaxes as time wears on and Blask becomes a somewhat traditional herbal leather, still pleasant to wear if not quite as arresting.
19th October, 2015
Rich and floral, a bit fruity too. I get the wine accord (or, as Alfarom notes, the "must" note). And I also get a sort of violet-liquorice structure at the very beginning, although there is none of the two, but I guess that is due to oud on flowers. Frankly this smells pleasant and "portable" to me, I do not feel anything particularly "daring" or special. Basically it's a floral/woody scent with a sour fruity flavour and a hint of freshness. Surely a great fragrance, well-crafted and balanced.

30th January, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
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Blask has a sparkling, radiant top, and deepens into a warm, sweet, slightly murky, maybe even pungent, heart. It has a wine-y quality, not boozy but more like the the ghost of hearty red wine. It has good projection and last all day.

Though I like it, it is right on the edge of not being wearable. If the red wine "aura" had been a tab more prominent it would have made me queasy, and I can't imagine wearing it in hot weather. It's certainly unique, I can't think of anything to compare it with.
26th May, 2012
Super gorgeous scent. Extremely long lasting on my skin as my scents tend to. Still smelt it after a shower next day.

In love with it.
01st March, 2012
I love bizarre, challenging, weird, unpretty, frankeinstein type of fragrances but I'm having an hard time in describing Blask. At H&G they only list 4 notes: Walnut, Red Wine accord, Oud and Bay Leaf and, basically, I don't get any of them...

Here's what I get: Violet (sweet, srort of candied violet petals they put on top of Marron Glace), no wine but more like the typical fermented aroma of the "must" (again sweet). Oud? well, ohm...uhm..ohhh..naaa (?!?!???). There's surely something resinous and woody during the drydown but I probably wouldn't call it oud. Bay Leaf? There's an aromatic, slightly pungent note that works like an ultrasonic whisper...could it be the Laurel? If it's the Bay Leaf it's nowhere similar to the real thing...Some generic parfumey things like mixed flowers (???) show up throughout.

On top of all this you have to add a huge amount of weirdness provided by what to me are obscure ingredients. Pretty challenging indeed and not exactly what I usually define as "wearable", yet somehow intriguing. Anyone who tend to use the phrase "I never smelled something like this" too often, they should probably test Blask.
29th February, 2012