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Neutral Reviews of Casamorati 1888 Regio by Xerjoff

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Beach fragrance. Suntan lotion, marine, tons of vanilla. Too much vanilla, makes a waxy fragrance that isn't working. I'm not getting all of the floral notes listed.
15th July, 2017
Opens up fresh and minty (geranium) and it feels high quality in the first minutes. Dries down pretty quick to an expensive soap smell. Nice and nothing more. The quality goes away as it dries down from great to meh.
05th April, 2016
Deja-vu, deja-vu, deja-vu! Good quality and moderatley sweet floral/oriental with a slight fruity/aquatic vibe and no other particular twists. Smells fine but, hoestly, it could be mistaken for most of the fragrances in the same vein. Anything but distinctive.

Same old story: at these prices, I expect something more than an anonimous fragrance orchestrated with good quality ingredients.

03rd May, 2012
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