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Positive Reviews of Casamorati 1888 Regio by Xerjoff

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Quality and class without any doubt. This fragrance is not for everybody and if all you know about perfumes fits in a Calvin Klein bottle, you cant understand Regio. Elegant from the first seconds, this scent is oriental but also an western perfume in the same time.

+ quality, complexity, elegance, freshness mixed with oriental notes, projection, bottle design

- price, versatility
08th June, 2018
I am a big fan of this whole line from Xerjoff that seem to all rally around a gourmand approach. Regio is a Delicious Maritime Salt-Cologne that smells like an urban beach boardwalk. Not a new concept, but the quality of the ingredients appears to be far above the norm and, admittedly, I am a bit swayed by nostalgia - it smells exactly of summers as a child, not like the synthetic competition. The sweets and sours and salties are all there - even the suntan lotion. Lasts longer than other salty-citrus that caught my attention (legno di nave / seawood) - at least for me. Comparatively, I find this to avoid the sweetness of some of the other casamorati members and to be the deepest and more meditative of the original line, but the final icing on the cake (the most recent release called simply 1888) is also stunning.
25th October, 2014
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United Kingdom
A bit of a joke mentioning the top notes as they last about 20 seconds at the most. Regio pretty much dives straight into what I would call ' rose jam', a rich sensual note enriched with what I swear is plum and then caramelised. 'Lyric Woman' springs to mind -- it has the same sort of denseness, but a touch sweeter although less feminine imo. I really like it, especially in this cold weather - it's warm and comforting. The bottle is outrageous though -- Liberace would have liked it. Expensive.
21st February, 2013
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