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Positive Reviews of Vamp à NY by Honoré de Prés

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A nice play on tuberose. The word 'vamp' itself is somewhat a caricature, so the vamp sensibility of this fragrance is both real and played with. Tuberose can have a cloying and tenacious carnality, sort of forcing itself on you, so I appreciate the fact this fragrance both lets you enjoy the definite femme fatale appeal and doesn't get focused on the histrionics this note is capable of.
That being said, it is still a tuberose fragrance, with all that implies. By coincidence, I tried this, "Nuit de Tuberose" by L'Artisan, "By Kilian Beyond Love - Forbidden", Caron "L'Accord 119" and "Daphne" by CdG from the same sample packet. It was a memorable sampling day, as you can imagine, with all those big femme fatales going at it on my skin. It left me slightly intoxicated.
I happened to fall in love with Nuit de Tuberose, with that incensy vibe - grrr. But this one is great - higher, more feminine, more vampish. I liked it just fine, better than By Kilian which annoyed me. But how many tuberoses do you need in your wardrobe - a decision I have to make. Definitely worth a try. And it's so cool that it's a natural. I think this is a showcase of how you don't need to be dependent on synthetics as the perfume industry assures us they must. There is nothing in this frag to indicate it isn't anything but a head to head contender with any other tuberose fragrance. It doesn't need to be put in a special category to explain any limitations. This one is totally up for the center ring. I personally feel it's a plus for this fragrance that the thought 'natural' never crossed my mind.
15th July, 2012
Vamp à NY is a funny and playfully sexy take on tuberose. The flower itself dominates the fragrance from the opening, but its carnal and voluptuous facets are rendered less dramatic by the notes that come along with it. The opening is quite weird: the thickness and chewiness of tuberose is made even denser with an effect of rum drenching soft fruit. It could be green mango, but also unripe bananas, or even vegetables like pumpkin. The result is a sort of velvety opacity, pleasantly sticky, with hints of rubber and green. The heart of the fragrance sees tuberose reinforced in sweetness, accompanied by a fragrant and poetic frangipani note. The basenotes underlines sweetness with vanilla, sweet resins and woods that give, in the very far drydown, a balsamic and fizzy twist. The lasting power is quite good, considering that the fragrance lacks totally in synthetics, up to 4 or 5 hours. The tuberose note, though,lingers tenaciously on clothes for days!
16th March, 2012 (last edited: 18th March, 2012)