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Negative Reviews of Santal Blush by Tom Ford

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At first glance it was unpleasant but as it wore down I thought warm and pretty. But I couldn't get away from this scent it became to overwhelming I couldn't wait to shower. Unfortunately that wasn't it, it stayed on my clothes(which I didn't even spray) and overwhelmed my closet. Now feeling nausea from this scent it's like that time I drank to many gin martinis and now when I smell gin it makes me sick. Sorry
25th February, 2015
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United Kingdom
Upon first application, there was a fleeting but strong smell of mysore sandalwood and I settled down, expecting to really enjoy this. However, it started as a soft, sweet, floral, spicy sandal, but gently dissolved into the most extraordinary plastic version of itself. I felt like a chemical hothouse. I managed it for about four hours. Every time I moved this plastic woodsy perfume followed me and I'm afraid it became a scrubber for me. It just proves you don't need a good perfume for sales, just some chemicals and a good handsome lead man for the advertising. I would expect much better than this from a high profile line. I hope Tom doesn't wear it himself.
09th July, 2012
The worst TF I ever bought.
Can't use it, it smells synthetic and poor.
I tried to wear it twice and than I gave it to a friend
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 09th May, 2012)
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