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Negative Reviews of Santal Blush by Tom Ford

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This is a nice fragrance, however, it is not for me. This opens with very dry spices. After a short while (20 - 30 minutes) I can smell something akin to driftwood and, lingering in the back, something smells very much of skin. Not sweet skin, but sweaty (cumin) underarm.

It's blended really well, very soft. It has soft to moderate sillage on dry skin in a central heating environment and lasts around 5 or so hours.

Like I said, it very well may be nice on someone's just not that nice on me.
05th December, 2016
At first glance it was unpleasant but as it wore down I thought warm and pretty. But I couldn't get away from this scent it became to overwhelming I couldn't wait to shower. Unfortunately that wasn't it, it stayed on my clothes(which I didn't even spray) and overwhelmed my closet. Now feeling nausea from this scent it's like that time I drank to many gin martinis and now when I smell gin it makes me sick. Sorry
25th February, 2015
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United Kingdom
Upon first application, there was a fleeting but strong smell of mysore sandalwood and I settled down, expecting to really enjoy this. However, it started as a soft, sweet, floral, spicy sandal, but gently dissolved into the most extraordinary plastic version of itself. I felt like a chemical hothouse. I managed it for about four hours. Every time I moved this plastic woodsy perfume followed me and I'm afraid it became a scrubber for me. It just proves you don't need a good perfume for sales, just some chemicals and a good handsome lead man for the advertising. I would expect much better than this from a high profile line. I hope Tom doesn't wear it himself.
09th July, 2012
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The worst TF I ever bought.
Can't use it, it smells synthetic and poor.
I tried to wear it twice and than I gave it to a friend
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 09th May, 2012)