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Neutral Reviews of Santal Blush by Tom Ford

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A well made fragrance that ultimately isn't something I would wear very often. There are some strange notes that just doesn't work for me. The opening has elements that aren't too bad, but the overall effect isn't my favorite. Cumin...not a note I'm interested in wearing. Carrot seed seems a little "bugsy", and, "fenugreek"...hmmm? Maybe I'm too unrefined to appreciate using fenugreek as a note in a fragrance, but I'm very familiar with the smell of plain fenugreek, and it smells like a spice used to make chicken noodle soup. It is good for clearing the sinus cavity when taken alone, but I can't vouch for that happening while wearing Santal Blush. So, at first "blush", I'm gonna have to pass on Santal Blush. This is the second sandal wood fragrance I haven't liked all that well, so maybe I just don't care for sandal wood either.
02nd June, 2017
An elegantly structured oriental woody composition. Santal Blush is a sweet,creamy blend of soft woods, subtle spices and dry benzoin tinged with light florals.i was expecting something more different,I don't feel there is anything new or wow here.smells like a creamy sandalwood laced with a sweet balsamic benzoin.could be a good one for layering.grown up without feeling dated,sweet without being juvenile. Sensuous, Sweet,Cuddly,Delicious,Woody,Warm,Smooth, Comforting and Sexy in a very Subtle Way.

In this composition the top notes becomes addictive enriched by the caraway and spices.floral hearts is sublimated by feminine touches of ylang ylag and jasmine while the sandalwood,benzoin,cedar musky base notes create a creamy sensation that wraps the skin in a voluptuous halo great for bed time take him to your bed while embracing each other until both of you will feel sleepy.the spices are very subtle here.the sandalwood is prominent.definitely worth if your a sandalwood lover.


Longevity?About 6 hours on my skin.


06th September, 2016
I'd heard about Tom Ford Santal Blush being unisex so I wanted to try it out, and while it does lean feminine, it is an interesting mix of sandalwood, musk, and spices that some men might find appealing. It's unusually soft, being pretty unoffensive / non-acidic from the very start, gradually becoming more powdery throughout its dry down. I cannot identify most of the top notes but what I get from Santal Blush is mainly the mix of the base notes.

I can see this working for some men, but not me, as I'm left far more with the "blush" (the makeup / cosmetics smell) than the "santal" (sandalwood) myself, but I'm sure it works differently on other skill.

Nothing special as far as projection or longevity, and uninspiring even as a female scent, I probably wouldn't even recommend this to women I know, especially given the price.

5 out of 10
27th May, 2015
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United States
My girlfriend was unimpressed with this scent. Said "Pretty grandma smelling but with a twist".
08th April, 2013
A fresh powdery woody creamy suede like scent is what I'm picking up here and if this is Sandalwood then it smells like it has been watered down. Smells a bit like womens hand cream, I will have to pass on this one.
26th October, 2012