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A buttery, creamy sandalwood, with a generous pinch of spice. ln fact there is a slight curry vibe here from the cumin & fenugreek, but this accord is not at all overwhelming or sweat-like; it merely serves to give some warmth & interest to the woody notes. The heart is powdery, sweet & yet savoury. l don't get any of the listed floral notes. ln the first hour the projection is good; l get pleasant wafts of fragrance each time l move. After this it settles closer, but the drydown is a persistent, drier mix of incense smoke, wood & a subtle, suede-like leather. Unlike some other reviewers, l find that this fragrance does develop, & l would say it is definitely unisex.
l could be seriously tempted to buy a bottle of this, but oh, the price!
29th March, 2014

I smelled australian sandalwood essential oil earlier today and it smelled like curdled cedar. Incidentally, it also smelled a lot like Santal Blush.

I’d blush, too.

from scent

27th June, 2013
If you like Crabtree & Evelyn's Sandalwood collection, you will like this. I'm not sure how different TF Santal Blush is from C&E's EdT Sandalwood, but in my memory, it's a near exact match.

For fun, I tested side by side TF Santal Blush, Tam Dao by Diptyque, and Santal Sacre by Lucky Scents. This is what I found - the person who said this isn't a dry scent was right... it's "juicier" than the others; where TD is warm as a sandalwood, almost a gourmand, and SS is spicy and dry, TF is moister. It is longer lasting than SS, and more bitter than TD. The cedar seems to come out in the heart note, it's not immediate.

For reference, my favourite sandalwood so far is Santal Sacre, but this one's definitely worth a bottle (for me). I also waited several hours for the base note to come out. (Dude's right who says it's mostly linear, but it does lighten) and layered some Serge Luten's Feminte du Bois. Yes, we have a winner.

Today I applied Tom Ford SB to my arms, with some tiny dabs of Bond No9 I love New York on the wrists. This afternoon, after those are dried down, I'll add FdB... By the time I get home I'm going to smell like I've been sitting in a cedar sauna, burning sandalwood incense and chewing on vanilla beans all day :)

01st May, 2013
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Wow! This is my HG fragrance for my wife, if that makes any sense. This fragrance is an ephemeral pleasure that I enjoyed at first spray so much I bought a 500.00 flacon on the spot. This is the most pleasant presentation of Santal that I ever put my nose on. The name is dead on: Sandelwood(Santal) with floral/rose/flowers blooming/pink (Blush).

The fragrance is fairly linear with only minimal development that occurs in the first few minutes. This is usually consider bad for a fragrance but in this case I love it because fragrance s ells so great the fact that it does not develop just means you smell great all the way through the dry down. I detect 3 distinct notes: Sandelwood, Floral (of which rose is the only actual flower I detect again ie. "Blush"), and cedar. I pretty much dete t these notes throughout the dry down. Most Sandelwood fragrances I have smelled are usually on the "dry" side. In this case the fragrance has a "wet" feel. Not in the marine or aqua sense but more like stepping outside after a heavy rain where everything is soaked but the sun has come out and is shining on the puddles and the leaves and grass are wet. The fragrance has minimal to moderate sillage- you catch whiffs of fragrance here and there. It last 8-10 hours and projects about the same the whole time. Thie projection could be a turn off if you enjoy scents like Black Orchid. This is the type of scent that draws others in for a "second whiff". I would consider this a feminine fragrance- IMHO.

A visual of the fragrance: Imagine stepping out into your backyard after a heavy rain storm. The wind broke into two several Sandelwood trees and a small cedar tree. Your rose bushes and other flowers are blown all over your yard. The ground is puddled with rain water and the trees are soaked. You step into your yard and take a deep breath. Bingo- you just smelled the most amazing fragrance called Santal Blush.
12th August, 2012
Santal Blush is a pleasant surprise. The name and the bottle would have you expecting yet another overly sweet and synthetic candy confection, and one definitely geared to women. That’s not the case. On the contrary, SB is a straightforward sandalwood: woodsy, dry, airy, yet creamy and lightly spiced -- just right. In other words, it smells like Mysore, which is yet another surprise; how many “sandalwoods” these days actually smell like the real thing? Yet if my information is correct, no Mysore sandalwood is at work here – a tribute to the perfumer (Yann Vasnier) for making it happen, however he did it. Staying power is pretty good as well; just a couple of spritzes lasted a good while. And for the guys (like myself) who wouldn’t feel completely at ease wearing the wonderful Bois des Iles (a tad too sweet), SB is a sandalwood any guy could feel comfortable with, anywhere, summer or winter. A class act. (And less harsh than Villoresi’s Sandalo.)
16th July, 2012
I sprayed some of this on my arm in Neiman's as an afterthought and for the next few hours I was held captive by the most irresistibly luscious mouthwatering buttered rum carmel you can imagine. The beautiful intoxicating wood is there just beneath the sugar. The scent wills you to breath it in deeply. The agarwood adds an almost buttery depth. This fragrance conveys an eroticism of temptations, sensory overindulgence, of compulsion leading to excess, but it never crosses a line leading to vulgarity because of it's glowing quiet beauty. I'm wary that anything this rich must inevitably lead to sensory fatigue and indeed by the end of the first day of wearing this I'd had enough. But overindulgence has it's rewards. It will be good while it lasts.
01st April, 2012 (last edited: 08th April, 2012)