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Positive Reviews of Drifter by True Religion

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Smells nice and safe. Can't complain about it other than it is generic smelling.
14th August, 2017

I didn't expect to like it as much as I do because it is inexpensive and can be found at discount stores. But I think it has merit as an inexpensive and rather pleasing scent as it does not try to be something it isn't. There is nothing groundbreaking about it. It is a subtle, inoffensive, refreshing masculine cologne that can be worn anytime... the same as many others out there.
17th July, 2014
Wow, where to begin. I started working in perfume store and I stumbled upon this fragrance. This is True Religion so I figured it has to be a solid one but it went beyond expectations. This cologne is fresh, pleasant, not overpowering, has a unique twist to it, fairly subtle and yet it catches your attention. I am bad at describing all the little details aka "hints of so and so" but this is one of my favorites now and when I show this fragrance to men or women it gets an instant sale 3 times out of 4, no joke. I definitely recommend this cologne. I am really surprised to not see any reviews of this one. I love it so much I figured I'd check basenotes to see what others think of it but alas no reviews, so here is mine.
24th December, 2012
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