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Reviews of Series 1: The Spirit Of Wood by Cosmic Wonder Light Source by Six Scents Parfums

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Another one of my full-bottle favorites, though I insist on calling it Six Scents Number 3 (there's a big 3 on the bottle) and not "The Spirit Of Wood"...

To me, it mostly smells like someone sawing lumber mixed with a huge shot of clary sage. At first, the lumber smell and the tea-ish sage don't interact much, but with time they come together, along with some other subtle mulchy smells, to create the fantastic smell of hiking in a California seaside forest, the kind with the eucalyptus trees mixed in with the old-growth redwoods and twisted oaks.

Sure, there are woody scents that do more than this, but "The Spirit Of Wood" (seriously, what an awful name...) paints such a beautiful picture that I can't help but love it.
03rd June, 2012
This has a lovely fresh green opening. It quickly develops an excellent coniferous aspect, followed by a satisfying woody one. I think this is marvelous. It has the great cypress/hinoki notes of CdG Hinoki without the turpentine sharpness. It has the cool eucalyptus character of Jo Malone’s Christmas scent Pine and Eucalyptus, with more depth. Fig rounds out the wood notes and slightly sweetens. Elemi is an essential oil from a resin and it has a pine-lemon character. I think this a well constructed scent. The packaging and bottle are very good.
01st May, 2012