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Positive Reviews of Gentile by Maria Candida Gentile

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Wonderful aromatic fragrance...

I tried this on recommendation from a friend. A full, rich masculine smell which conjures up an old fashioned image of luxury. I can detect juniper berry and geranium, as well as olibanum and resins, and some herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Together these create a wonderful mix which would smell great on a man in my opinion.

There is so much to like here, it would probably take too long to summarise, but I would just say that this is one which brings back the smell of masculinity yet still being modern. That is something that is hard to do, which is not to follow the market trends and try to make a blockbuster. Gentile by Maria Candida Gentile shows that you can make men smell good the old fashioned way, with herbs and a good updated formula. Like an antique coat worn by a modern, trendy man, or a classic fitted suit. Some things never go out of style, this is one to try.
02nd May, 2016