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Neutral Reviews of Le Pamplemousse by Miller Harris

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This opens with a wonderfully balanced blast of Grapefruit, which seems to last longer than most other blasts of Grapefruit. However, there is something about this fragrance that no-one else has mentioned; how very green it is. It is almost as if the Grapefruit note, it is called Pamplemousse after all, is an irrelevance , and it is the Green that dominates. A bitter Galbanum which works so well with the Grapefruit. The first hour or so of this fragrance is quite wonderful. After that, unfortunately, things start going down hill. This is why I have given it a "neutral" rating. There is far too much Hedione in this fragrance, and after those first wonderful hours, Pamplemousse starts turning in to a smell that is in a hundred other Perfumes. What a shame that such an enjoyable Top should become such a boring Base.
21st February, 2016
Quite authentic, credible grapefruit well executed and well maintained (good staying power for a fresh citrus). There is an allusive green bitter undertone that comes and goes and makes it distinctive (for a while) from other dominant citruses. Although most of the time it reminds me of Harris Miller’s own Citrus Citrus. However, this one is more complex and longer lasting and somehow fresher. Would work better as a truly unisex fragrance, too. On the downside, it is somewhat one-dimensional, but it doesn’t claim to be anything else – grapefruit.
04th November, 2012
Tried this at the Miller Harris boutique in Coventry Garden recently and it instantly, forcefully, reminded me of Diptique's Ombré dans Le'au (just without the 'rose' that people talk of in relation to that perfume). The sales assistant said I was the 2nd person that day to make the comparison. Unfortunately for me this meant that a couple of strong sniffs from a smelling stip was enough to give me an annihilating drilling pain in the front of my reaction was even worse than with LODL as this literally made a big patch on the left side of my forehead go cold and numb and made me feel nausous. Obviously whatever note they have in common I have a serious chemical reaction to.

But to give a fair review not tainted by my personal chemistry, this perfume opens with amazing green notes. I was expecting something called 'the grapefruit' to be an obvious citrus and to smell of grapefruit, but this smells like stomped on riverside brambles and's much more of an English country garden smell (rhubarb, nettles, tall wet weeds) and I couldn't hear any citrus, but that may be olfactory blindness caused by my reaction to a particular ingredient. The opening blast of green seemed very natural, effective and well put together so I''m sure anyone who likes LE Ombré dans Le'au will appreciate and enjoy this perfume. Sadly I don't.

Edit. Think I was drunk when I wrote this..'Coventry Garden'. I sound like I'm from Royston Vasey.
26th May, 2012 (last edited: 13th June, 2012)
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